6449I B A Babydoll16.2Megan Baur Lauren Hedley9679
6496I Candy12.1Megan D'Amico9444Elle Gibbs9444
6323I E Sumthing16.0Lisa Aiken9642
2761I FEEL LUCKY14.1Kate Gaines4067
2397I GOT DOTS16.1Jennifer Walmsley
4617I GOT YOU BABE16.1Sarah Frye
1782I LOVE LUCY16Angela T. Spence
2979I LOVE LUCYAnne Carter Jones2137
4434I LOVE LUCY13.2Amanda Young
5788I Love Lucy13.2MacNair's Country Acres, Inc6915
4829I ON YOU16.25Chris Bowman6092
5035I'll Stand By You16.2Catherine Isaacs7606Brittany Pecoraro7887
3120I'LL TAKE MANHATTEN13.2Cynthia Peterson
2623I'M A FANCY DIAMOND14.1Emily Alexander
4819I'M A ROAN16.2Helen Milling7132Grayson Schirmer7132
2792I'M THE ONLY ONE13.1Caroline Willard3620
5107I,maxLizanne Johnson7417
4698I-MAX16.1Carol Gwin7214
6705IAMWHATIAM17.0Dawn Maxon9994
4799IBEZZA DE MALLE15Alise Oken6131
2981IC PINE16.2Christina & Laura Hoft-Boyce
4701ICARUS DE CAROLINA15.2Chadale Farms6694
3012ICEE WATERS15.3Cindy Ross5216
3906ICEMAN16.3Diane Wade
1479ICICLE14.1Natalie Garrison
3907ICON16.1Annie Kennedy
3137ICY ROAD16Journey Back Stables4023
3453ID CLARE15.2Paula Nordin
876IDEAL16Jay Land
2805IDEAL16Sue Back
5908Ideal de La Scye14.0 5/8Kate Smith9147
3326IDES OF MARCH16.2Ashley Williams
2084IF LOOKS COULD KILL15.2Jessica Passmore
4217If Only16.1Catherine Schlaeppi3624
6041Ignition15.2Anna Fatakhova9313
5937III Wishes16.2Elizabeth McKim7334
5784Iliaque16Kimberly Graves6445
995ILLICO16.1Jay Land
5001Illuminate15.0Helen Gillick9058
5247Ima Fancy Diamond14.1Rollins Wallace7113
5179Ima Lott A Leaguer15.2Kali Cram7482
3625IMAGINARY FRIEND13.1Beth Repass
6239Imagine Dragons14.1 1/2Fiona Kirk9434Madison Ma9434
1395IMAGINE THAT15.3Daniela Zanni
3666IMAGINE THAT13.2Bridget Burke
8719Imagine That16Triton Stables1183
2344IMBIBING16.2Cynthia A. Wilberding
3517IMBROGLIO15.3L. Gerald Pack
2454IMPECCABLE16.5Roma Christopher-Strayhorn
1898IMPOSTOR15.2Jennifer Fletcher
5194Impress Me14.1 1/2Peg Seals
5295Impress Me14.1 1/2Sydney Fadel6804
5244Impress Me Rocky15.1Laura Barnes7550
1040IMPRESSIONS15.3.75Mildred M. Ganzel
1863IMPRESSIVE EDITION16M.& Another Lark Masline
6560Impressive SpiritLaura Marks9871
2404IMPRESSIVE SUN SNIP15.1Dana Collins
1552IMPRESSIVE TWIST15.2Margaret Paschal
2452IMPULSE15.2Elizabeth Tucker
4481IN A DREAM14.1Meadow Hill Stables6207
2347IN ALL HONESTY16.5Jessica R. Labdon
6418In An ArtbeatAshley Carroll9378Samantha Crosier9378
1635IN CAHOOTS14.2Crescent Hill Stables2504
6381In CogNico15Emma Armieri9706
1663IN COGNITO16.1Sheri Jones
2164IN DISGUISE14.1Amber Fowler
4792IN DISGUISE17Cricket Stone5351
5442In Disguise17.0Rachel Bethea6899
5765In Earnest16.2Carmann Matherine
4896IN IT TO WIN IT14.2Triple Diamond Farm
5284In It To Win It14.0 1/2Jane Iremonger7587
2512IN MY MINDS IMAGE15.2Carol Ann Pyburn
5931In Sinc12.2Charlotte Booker7994
4679IN STYLE13.3 7/8Savannah Jade Jenkins6549
5489In Style14.1Ally Presicci7737
3614IN THE BUFF14.2Eileen Gress Katie Ackerman
1260IN THE COUNTRY16.2Rodney Harkey4085
3723IN THE MOMENT16.2Leslie Ogden
3182IN THE NICK OF TIME16.1Laura & Amy Mathys
6129In the Nude16.0Catherine Woods9232
3909IN THE RED16.3Turan Atay5526
3501IN THE RUNNING16.1Elizabeth Martin6743
4396IN THE RUNNING16.1Elizabeth Martin6743
4223IN THE SPOTLIGHT16Dawn Brehm6500
2080IN THE STARS13.1Amy Tackett
2998IN THE STARS15.2Vicki Autry5783Nancy Lee McLean6821
6873In Unison15.3 1/2Courtney Canizares7921
3512IN YOUR DREAMS16.3Jennifer Shattuck
6820Inara Serra17.0Sheridan Meltsner16114
1500INCENTIVE16.3Sally E. Smith
4997Inch By Inch16.1Patricia Heuckeroth7317
4858INCOGNITO16.1Mady Tompkins7125
2707INDEPENDENCE16Emily Darch
5336Independence DayElizabeth Connor7617
1360INDEPENDENT DANCER15.3Mary Lisa Newman
2769INDIA INK13.1Missy Garner
5474Indian Outlaw16.1Caroline Waugh6714
1363INDIAN SUMMER14.1Laura Dehmer
6021Indian Summer Kaylee15.0Heidi Dent Colette Leber9282
2077INDIANA15.1Andrea Gay
3275INDIANA15.3DK-USA Sporthorse, LLC5675
1625INDIANA JONESGDena DeProspero
6407Indiana Jones16.2Emily Jay Mallory Adamson9729
5253IndigoBarbara Kahle7554
3741INDIGO GIRL17Victory Hill Farm6185
6192Indigo Mist14.1Julie Stephens9504
2093INDIGO RUN16.2Dr. & Mrs. M. Nixon Ellis
3287INDIO16.2Daryl Tropea
4203INDY16.1Ashley Long6589
5789Inevitability16.2Lauren Liles9912
3271INFINITY MAX14.1Sophia & Stacey Taylor
4920Ingenuity16.3Mary Kristensen7229
5913Innsbrook16.1Mike Rosser7084
1957INSPIRED16.1Susan Carter
2137INSTIGATOR16.1/2Natalie & Alun Volkman
3846INTEGRITY15.3Whitney E. Morrison
5871International Affair16.2Samantha Franklin9109
6729Internet II16.0 1/2Catherine Cram3765
2765INTO THE MYSTIC16Connie Blythe4072
3706INTRIGUELeigh Stitzer
3171INTUITION16.2Nancy Buchner
6435Intuition14.1 1/2Elizabeth Anne Paul9396
8725Intuition14.2Andrea Guzinski9124
3689IRISH COFFEE14.1Carolyn VanHouten6120
1963IRISH EYES15.3Jill Asher
6088Irish Fable16.0Ashbrook Gwinn9361
1797IRISH GENTLEMAN15.3John Paul Wesley Johnson
3225IRISH GENTLEMAN17.3Steven Blankenbeckler
1006IRISH LADD15.5Laura K. Joyce
1940IRISH LULLABY13.1Peter C. Skadow
6452Irish Moon16.1Cannon Thomas9336
3344IRISH ROSEHeidi King
6924Iron I Stellar16.1Kaitlyn Johnson7927
2160IRONMAN16.2Nancy Hershey
5133Isaac15.3 1/4Sarah Ward6887Hannah Zahn9194
4583ISAAC'S LIGHT16.2Paige E. Cotton6929Hannah Davis 7007
4036ISABELLE'S DREAM13.1Stuartfield Farm6433
5034Isaiah16.2Emma Oakley6644
5967Isis15.3 1/8Yvette Bean9069Jacinda Purrington7722
4333ISLAND BOY12Makena Cummings5830
8707Island Boy13Anabelle Waldron17172
4576ISLAND GIRL16.2Elizabeth Jane Webster6925
4776ISLAND GIRL13.1Nicole Roos7094
6235Island Life16.1 1/4Rachel Paradise9157
1823ISLAND MURMUR16.2Marilla Van Beuren
5386Island Style14.1Maggie McDonald7656
3811ISURA EX BELGICA16Lynley Reilly
4221IT IS IZZY16.2Casey Millis6604
3452IT TAKES TWO13.1Cassie Luce
3480IT TAKES TWO13.1Kristen Brown5923
4147IT TAKES TWO13.16663
4498IT TAKES TWO15.2
6956It's A Secret14.1Catherine Cram3765
6110It's All Good13.1Elly Ficca9357Elly Ficca9357
2518IT'S ALL TRUE15.2Arleene Bearak
5014It's Destiny13.0Gina McKim7335
5920It's Mister to YouLeigh Crenshaw9164
3412IT'S SHOW TIME13.2Holly Huitt
5750Its All About Me16.1Kirsten Tillotson6777
5404Itsy Bitsy Spider12.1 1/4Kerin Benson7496
2912IVORY COAST16.1Lynley Reilly
2340IVY LEAGUE15.3Erin Crenshaw2958
5963Ivy League15.3Landri Hoke9227
1379IZOD16.1Why Worry Stables
6821Izzo16.1 1/4Madison Bullard9557