1537T. C. ARROW15.3Christy Coggin
4945T.S. Eliot16.3Mary Alex Edmiston7957
5611Tailor MadeChatham Hall Mary Marshall Faris 7549
4091TAILORED TO SUIT14.2Sydney Fadel6804
2421TAKE A BOW14.1Anna Warburton
8739Take A Bow16.3Anna Ceelen17201
1499TAKE A CHANCE16Kristen Schulze
4074TAKE A CHANCE14.2Allison Jones
4193TAKE A CHANCE14.2Allison Jones
4868TAKE A CHANCE14.2Lucy Brock7182
5637Take A Picture16.2Rex O'Brien6458Rex O'Brien6458
5230TAKE AWAYAlise Oken6131
2565TAKE FIVE16.1Jolie Rossing
3028TAKE IT EASY16.1Parker Minchin395
3145TAKE IT TO THE BANK16Katharine McEnery
3611TAKE ME AWAYAramburo Equestrian6684
5362Take Me There16.0Ashleigh Jordan7593
3245TAKEN17Jennifer Patterson
2394TAKIN' IT EASY15.2Ashley Baxter
2247TAKING CHANCES16.1Joy Nakrin
3722TALIESIN16.2Julie Collins
6567Talisman15.3Emily Callahan9875
2379TALISMAN DE BOHEME16.1Helen Holmberg
4035TALISMAN DE BOHEME17Stuartfield Farm6433
4772TALK IT OVERAshlynd Peters5303
4451TALK OF THE TOWN15.3Allie Thomason6653
3708TALKABOUT16.1 3/4Elizabeth Howze
3635TALL DARK AND HANDSOME17.2Christy H. Powell
4416TALL DARK AND HANDSOME16.1Carrie Ann Culbertson6608
2116TALLADEGA16.2Tori Sells
2889TAMPA16Kristin Sutter
5972Tangled Up In Blue16.0Emma Covington9065
3025TANQUERAYLee Heelan114
5548Tantallon Co Captain14.2Cecilia D'Amore7773
5560Tantallon Junior Edition12.2Traci Combs7806
4840TANTALLON PLUS TAX14Katlynn Butler7105
6887Tantara16.1 1/2Susan Reynolds5593
2566TAPESTRY16.1Gail Fogelson
6399Taquino17.2Brad Federico Elizabeth Chappell9724
6524Tara JustlyKhaki Run5976
4790TARANTELLA16.3Alyssa Yancey7111
6819Tarantella17.0Lahoya Farm6554
5340Tarheel Born16.1Virginia Milam3690
1924TASMANIAN DEVIL14.75Heidi H. Friedlein
4357TASTE THE RAINBEAU11.2Kathryn Eudy
5275Tattle Tail15.3Elizabeth Farlow7359
3713TATTLE TALE13Haley Buchner6019
2411TAX FREE16.1.50Julie Anne Garella3619
3073TAYLOR FORBES15.3.75Amanda Termini5133
1402TAYLOR MADE14.1Taylor Norman
1577TAYLOR MADE16Lisa Arrendell
4922Taylor MadeLoren Hazard-Daniel5198
6218Taylor Made16.2Katherine Robertson9142
6561TCF Spice Girl131 3/4Laura Marks9871
4318TCS LOOKOUT16.1Eve Isley
5580Tea Cake13. 5/8Addison Byrd7841
5040Team Player16.2Chatham Hall Stables5124Rachel Bethea6899
1047TECHNIK15.3.50Jennifer & Jason Cadier
6588Teddy is SmoothTara Taylor9901
1461TEJAT16.3Brian V. Parish
6961Tell Me Something Good141/2Sarah Ellerbe17090
1951TELL THE WORLD16Suzanne Quebedeaux
6401Tell Us15.1 7/8Mark Stopford Anjali Velu7970
5464Telling Tales16.0Townsend Farm7715
6047Tellynau Ballerina12.2Libbie Gordon7933
2594TELURIDE16.2Kristen Sowalsky leased
4345TEMPLETON17Leyla Peters
5088Templeton13.2Alexandra Ryden9784
5334Tempo14.1Kaily Meeks7616
6772Temptation16.1Kiara Barnett1111Cate Pitterle16004
4517TEN DEGREE YANKEE DOODLE13.1Kendall Carter6878
3320TEN DOLLAR JACK16.1Stephanie Wilson
4657TENACIOUS16.1Christina Webb3199
5094Tennessee Jed13.0 1.8Caitlin Heilferty7407
3356TEQUILA17.1Danielle Farr-Veasy
2727TEQUILA SUNRISE16.1Laura Anderson
5193Tequila Sunrise15.0Jackie Craft7497
6786Terian's What a Fox14.1 1/4Isabella Steinberg9331
2194TERMINATOR17Brigadoon Farm
2593TERRA COTTA15.3Jan B. Seawell6891
2155TESONERO16Cecilia Hawksworth
4294TESSRenee Huesca
5160TestarosaOlivia Wilson7461
3279TEUFELCHES15.3Crescent Hill Stables2504
2608TEX16.1Lynsi Montgomery
5983Texas Hold Em12.1 5/8Madison Parry2011Caroline Caviness7985
5103Texas Kid13.2Victoria Hoft7412
5318Texas Kid13.2Charlotte Burch7612
2415TEXAS TWO STEPJulie Anne Garella3619
5957That Kiss That Missed13.1Megan T. Rosenthal6581
4383THAT'S AMORE'16Gabrielle Ciatti
2360THAT'S MY CUE15.2Jennifer L. Watson
1728THAT'S MY HUN16Lisa Arrendell
5832That's Smart16.3Brooke London7201
6025That's So Raven13.2Harlie Rodden
3645THAT'S THAT15.3Betty Walker
1272THAT'S US16.1C.B.Loadholt Realty
2924THAT?S MY SPOT16.2Adam David
1834THE AIR BEAR16.1Sally Truss
3071THE AMBASSADOR16.3Elizabeth Pearson5214
4967The ApprenticeHaley Gintis6995
5574The Apprentice14.2Chatham Hall Carolina Kornegay
1867THE ARISTOCRAT17.2.50Cara Cupit
1919THE ARISTOCRAT12.1Julia Gatins
4685The Arkitect16.3Melissa Brashear6622
1810THE AUTHOR16.3Larry Weidel
5198The Bachelor16.2Ashley Nicholson7505
6916The Berry Best12.1 1/2Madelyn Godard17048
1450THE BIG APPLE16.3Angela C. McGhee
4862THE BIG EASY17Christine Ryan6978
6082The Black Pearl17.0Michelle Kennedy9356
5288The Bomb14.2James Gressett
3946THE BOOGIE MAN16.2Emilie Hamilton
1509THE BUTLER DID IT13.1Kimberly D. Butler
2678THE BUTLER DID IT16.3Tracy Buchanan
6330The Cape16.1Thomas Gobble9421Thomas Gobble9421
1268THE CAT'S MEOW16.1Mrs.W.E. Walker
1358THE CHANCELLOR16Mardie Faucette
118THE CHIPMEISTER14.1C. J. Thomas
2102THE CINNAMON BEAR15.3Susan Wendorf
5239The Closer16.2JoAnn Williams7536
6329The Countess15.3Carson McLendon9459
4423THE DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK16.1Lissa Cannady
5241The Devil Wears PradaMargaret Overby4007
5141The Devil's Dance14.1 1/4Amber Riopelle7438
5688The Diplomat17.0Carson Evans7942
2517THE ENGLISHMAN16.1C. J. Thomas
1016THE ENTERTAINER15.3Peggy Curran
1541THE ESCORT15.3.75Kelsey Wells
1396THE EXTREMIST15.2Kirsten Kalkhurst
1555THE FIDDLER15.3Megan Heriford
4364THE FIDDLER14Rebecca McLean6709
3065THE FINER THINGS16Catelyn Kinsell
2561THE FISHER KING16.2Lisa Taft Jordan
5021The Flying Dutchman16.2 1/2Margaret McClain7341
3783THE FOX13.1Meadow Hill Stables6207
6614The French Luke17.1Bailey Brown9914
3874THE FROG PRINCE13.3Jennifer Aronson
4687THE GAMBLER16Allyson Wagner6922
1311THE GENERAL15.3Cara Sutphin
4137THE GREAT & POWERFUL OZ16.2Caitlin McDevitt6520
6001The Great Gatsby15.2Jacquelyn Cole9262
1410THE GREY17Renee Weidel
6368The Grey Man16.2Kristi Grigg9519
5624The Heartbreak Kid14.1 3/4Sally Ives9940
6291The Huntsman16.1Jessica Haraway7816
2847THE ILLUSTRATED MAN16.2Holly King3906
4409THE INSIDE EDGE16.1Mill Creek Ponies6756
3456THE KEY TO SUCCESS14Katherine Key5597
4774THE KID NEXT DOOR14.1Olivia Pasin9327
8982The King And I16.2Cassidy Holder7997
6311The Kiss That Missed13.1Megan T. Rosenthal6581
6528The Last Waltz16.3Jodi Brinn Taylor Cameron Ellis9220
6099The Lorax12.2 Fairy Tale Farms8000
1467THE MARKED MAN16.1Michele Laster
2469THE MONA LISA16.2Jennifer Fletcher
1622THE NEWS15.2Mardie Faucette
3936THE ONE AND ROANLY12.2Maria Lombardo
3460THE OTHER MAN16.3Brittany Biddy
4650THE PASSING LANEBeth Turner6974
1207THE PINES17.2Jack Towell
1508THE PINES17Julie Haugaard
3585THE POLAR EXPRESS14.1Cindy & Haley Rochester
3520THE PRETENDER16.1Mary Kaitland Stuart5654
3106THE REAL THING16.2Steve & Martin Jenni McAllister
4835THE REGAL BISCUIT14.1Erin Flannery7144
1464THE SAINT16.3Laurie Foley
2217THE SAND MAN14.2Heather R. Parks
3710THE SENATOR16.1Teresa Sutter5369
4165THE SKY'S THE LIMIT13.1Caroline Crews
2913THE SMOOCHER16Carolyn Sink
1403THE SPICE16.2Betsy Tucker
5301The Talented Mr. Ripley 16.3Rachel Pratl6980
1429THE TOURIST16.3Tom & Becky Mattocks
1681THE TOY12.1Julia Gatins
6579The Trixter16.1Alysa Aarup9051
1872THE WAY WEST16.3Pinky Hipp
2110THE WAYWARD ROCK17Victoria Sherwood
1677THE WEASEL16.3Betty Reuwer
3618THE WHOLE SHEBANG16.2Lucy Ann Wheeless
3880THE WIZARD13.2Lucy Blundon
2154THE WON16.1Dianna Waugh
1149THE WOOT16.3Hillary R. Brooks
5212The Wow Factor16.3Adele Marchant7136
6162Theodore Wadsworth15.3Wadsworth Equestrian9439
3362THINK OF ME14.1Hillary K. Herald
3858THINKIKEN16.2Suzanne Nutt
3888THIRD STREET15.1Chatham Hall Stables5124
6426Third Time's A Charm16.0Chloe Steigleman9684
6782Third Times a Charm14.2Taylor Bundy16050
6658This Bids For You16.2Elle Dembosky9970
1183THIS BUD'S FOR ME14.2Lisa A. Smith6793
2947THIS ONE'S ON ME15.1Carlee Cox
1437THOMSON'S LAWMichael Bates
1547THOR16Larry Massingill
3042THREE WISHES16Janice & Caroline Paul
4240THREE WISHES14.1Gabi Gonzalez-Gray7049
5228Thunder Bay16.1Chase Boggio Bethany Hanscom7527
2999THYMES' BLUE VALENTINE11.3Annie Kennedy
6855Ti Amo16.1Jan Seawell6891
3602TIAMO16.3Leslie W. Kirk
3167TIC TAC TAYLOR15.3Emily Wahl
2401TICKET TO RIDE14Ashley Holt
3728TICKET TO RIDE16.3Hannah Mayer
1921TICKLE ME PINK12.2Kathryn L. Leach
3011TICKLE-ME-SASSY14.1Diana S. Simpson
1080TICKLED PINK14Jennifer Gable
2060TIDALHOLM16Ann Wainscott
6758Tiffany Blue13.2Libbie Gordon7933
2056TIGER LILLY14.1Laura Scott Grantmyre
6214Timber Point16.2Shirley Murphy7495
3485TIMBERLAND16.3 .75Michelle Woodall
3959TIMBERLAND16.1Maryellen Kroll6862
1447TIME AFTER TIME15.3Katie Ridenhour
1974TIME PASSER16.1Carol Fierke
1700TIME TO JIG16.1King Hackley
6092Time Well Wasted16.2Kensey Jones9366
4140TIME WILL TELL15.3Jennifer Delman6008
4371TIME WILLING15.3Rebecca Summer
6740Timeless14.2Ponies Express LLC16002
6402Timoteo15.3EHM Equestrian LLC9756
2027TIMOTHEUS18Lahoya Farm6554
6742Tin Man12.1 3/4Ponies Express LLC16002
4561TINA TURNER12.1Morgan Lynne Bullock6918
1401TINKER TOY12.1Dana Crothers
3762TINKER TOY12.1Lucie Oken
6054Tio Pete Car16.1Lorrie Winkler6760
2849TIP YOUR HAT16.2Lucinda McIver Human3140
2795TISA FEAST15.2Daniel Boison
5405Titan Up14.2Jessica Newman7673
1200TITUSVILLE16.1Mrs. J.& Indian Hill Burns
6876TJC's Black Pearl13.2The Jaeckle Center1111Grayson Hutchins16147
2523TO BE SURE16Melissa Trippe
2461TO DIE FOR16.1Karen L. Singletary
2816TO THE NINES16Devon Ussher
4571TOBLERONE15.2Christy Violin6825
4942Toblerone16.3Leigh Bryant6434
6125Tobolsk16.2Madison Meek9225
5115Toltec16.0Vicki Autry5783
3355TOM COLLINS17Danielle Farr-Veasy
1894TOM SHENANIGANS14.2Anne Harford
5772Tommy Boy16.2Emily Murphy
3802TOMMY GIRL16.1Kailyn M. Andrews
2367TOMORROW IS16.2.50Alicia B. Rosser
5817Tomorrow's Promise15.3Jordan Reagan9683Mary Jennings Baum9796
3804TONKA TOY13Ann Sheppard Turner
8731Tonkin De L'ECU16.2Oriana Stables/Amelia Zahn9195
4159TONY THE PONYBriana Baker
5855Too CoolAddison Byrd7841
5387Too Cool to Count16.1Maggie McDonald7656
3030TOO MUCH FUN16.3Carver Camp Weaver3205
1978TOODY MOODY14.1Triton Stables1183
1252TOP ECHELON16.1S.& Horse Creek Goodwin
3766TOP HAT16Po Oliver
5643Top Hat16.3Rachel MCNEILL7904
4321TOP HAT AND TAILS16Hannah Mattis
5365Top Hat N' Tails14.0Taylor Young7397
5276Top Notch Peek A Boo14.1Peyton Frye7579
6303Top Notch Tivio14.1Jessie Spade9628McKenna Newton9244
5567Top O'The Mornin14.1 1/2Debra Moorman6889Jordan Martin16158
4784TOP OF THE MORNING12.1Khaki Run5976
5423Top Of The Morning14.1 1/2Grace Howard7301
2139TOP PRIORITY17Joanna L. Nelson
2545TOPANGA14.2Quentin Peele
2767TOPANGA CANYON15.3 7/8Adrianne Larson
4777TORMOLEANGreener Pastures7099
5280Torsinaa17.2MKM Group Megan Cacchio7583
2610TORTUGA15.3Linda F. Shuford
5305Total Eclipse13.1Julia Neufield7603
1890TOUCH A GRAY13.2Caroline Boyd
1443TOUCH AND GO14.1Celeste Autry
1680TOUCH ME NOT14.1Emily Hunter & S.Goldsmith
1596TOUCH OF GREY16Susan Warren
1791TOUCH OF HONEY13.1Melissa Phillips
5816Touch of Sun15.3 7/8Stacie Zelman Winslow6492
1317TOUCH THE GOLD16.3Cannon Thomas9336
2500TOUCHDOWN16.1Melissa Whiting
3925TOUCHED BY GRACESmallEmilie Huesca
4070TOUCHED BY GRACE12Kathy Rose
2859TOUCHSTONE16.2Nancy Merritt3329
3832TOUGH LOVE15.1 3/1Katie McDaniel
2209TOUGH NOOGIE14.1C. J. Thomas
1460TOUGH TO CATCH16.l.50Lara Elizabeth Shelton
1480TOUJOURS13.2Kelsey-(Canc.Gr.1987) Wells
1636TOUJOURS16.2Denise Norton
6128Toulouse16.2Coleman Holland9200
3731TOUR GUIDE17Kimberly Bergman
6725Tour Guide17.0Kailey Johnson7775
1667TOWN AND COUNTRY16.3M/M C. L. Haywood
1301TOWN CLOWN15.2.50Linda F. Shuford
5668Townsend16.0Dale Crittenberger3416
2225TOY SOLDIER14.1Jessica Drysdale
2772TOY STORY13.1Parrish Atkinson Brittany Warden
5885Toy Story15.3Rebecca Rose6841
4186TOY'S FELIMENA16.3Samantha Novak
5853Toy-Toy16.2 3/4Brittany Osmond7031
3604TOYFUL15.3Emily Nestor
1533TRACE MY HEART12.2Leslie Powell
5496Trade Mark16.2Cathy Dow2323
1010TRADE WINSAmanda Cone
2571TRADERS POINT16.1.75Carla Seale
5025TradewindHaley Jackson5238
6481Trading Paint16.2Helen Gillick9058
2892TRADING PLACES15.3Karen Backall
2674TRADITION17.2Allison Smith
5517Training Wheels12.1Gabriella Neeld9909
5555Training Wheels12.1Madison Syfert7322
3157TRAVELER15.3Debbie Adams-Saunders
3522TRAVELER16.2Booth Stevenson
1829TREASURE CHEST14.1Meredith W. Crenshaw
2288TREASURE CHEST14Elizabeth Darden
3636TREASURE ME12.1Katarina Isabella Cook
5701TreasuredVictoria Hoft7412
6635Treasured14.1Gentry Safriet7361
5255Tribal Council16.2Leah Davis6896
5852Tribute17.1Gulfstream Equestrian LLC9087
3955TRICK16.2Jack Hardin Towell
4970Triffin16.3Mallory Owings7148
2748TRILLIUMEmily Baldwin
3184TRILLIUM16.2Jackie Popillo
2243TRILOGY15Tanya L. Youngblood
1650TRIPLE AXLE16Mrs. W.E. Walker
4520TRIPLE DIAMONDS BLUE GEM13Victoria Waugh6901
2320TRISTANS CHINA DOLL13.1Jounrey End & Kathryn Leach
8966Trix Are For Kids13.2MacKenzy Coltrain17077Addison iller17105
1649TRIX R 4 KIDS16.1.50Mrs. W.E. Jr. Walker
6922Trophy Hunter13.2Jean & Isabella Strahan17056
3580TROUBADOUR16.2Jordan Straker
6571Trouvaille16.0Janet Lyon9762
1753TRUE COLORS14.2Mary Harper Best
3222TRUE COLORS16.1Cammie Fielding
3032TRUE LIES16.3Diane Wade
1958TRUE NORTH16.1.50Lee Ann Morris
5299Truffle16.2Hannah Davis7007
5199Truly14.2Holly Rocherolle7073
2886TRULY REVEILLE15.2Taylor Smith
4465TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS14.1Elizabeth Nance6826
5667Truman16.1 1/4Erin McGuire6635
6798Truman17.0Katelyn North9522
2106TRUST ME17Cori Tarleton
2476TRUST ME16.3Brantley Boyd
4180TRUST MEChloe Reid
6156Truthfully15.3 1/2Ashley Gasiorowski7646
3200TUCK EVERLASTING12.1Nikki Pope
2239TUCKER15.3Wendy S. Beaver
4201TUDOR MAGIC16.3Patricia Tidwell
3064TUFF ENOUGH15.1Kimberly Proctor
2388TUFF SCENERY15Mountain View Stables3597
3180TUFF SHE RA15.2Amy Indence6345
3128TUFFY'S ROYAL TE16.1Heather Radford
1420TUITION & FEES15.3Missy Daughtry
4026TULLAMORE DEW16.1Carrie Molinard
5376Tullamore Dew16.2Jennifer Boyle9141Remington Linker9377
6534Tumbling Dice15.3 3/4Five Henry Stables9946
1170TURN TO ME16.2Cindy Myers
2471TURN-TO-ZUNI17Cady Erickson
1772TURNING POINT16.3Caroline Clark
5566Turtle Bay17.0Beth McClintic6602
5065Tuscan SunBeth McClintic6602
5639Tuscany16.0Alisa Berry7900Julie Teegarden7052
4084TUXEDO16.2Jennifer S. Cecil
5413Tuxedo Junction17.2Liz Frazier7680
5802Tuxedo Sam13.1Ann Ashley Daniels9023
2242TWICE STRUCK16Mrs. Charles Youngblood
2602TWICE STRUCK15.3Bryan Jones
2220TWIST & SHOUT16.2Paige Lyman
2384TWIST 'N SHOUT14.1Mountain View Stables3597
2437TWIST OF FATE15.2Mrs. R. Braga3571
2207TWISTED GOLD16Tori Sells
4249TWO CUTE FOR WORDS13.1Kerry O'Donnell6617
5076Two For One16.3Kara Clowers7390
6137Two for the Show16.2Jordan Holmes7347
4597TWO OF A KIND15.2Frances G. Porter6934
3339TWO PART HARMONY17.2Pam Tope
2848TWO TIMING TIGGER16Cedar Hollow Farm3760
2841TWO TO TANGO16Maren Londahl-Smidt7027
3528TWO TO TANGO15.3Laura Alexis Stevenson
3778TWO TO TANGO16.1Chuck Ledford
5660Tyme After Time16.2Meaghan Threadgill
4944Tyrin Oak17.2TMD Enterprises7255