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Atlanta Fall Classic II Conyers, GA 2017/11/152017ANov15
RMI Raleigh Benefit Raleigh, NC 2017/11/152017ANov14
Tryon Indoors II TIEC 2017/11/092017ANov2
Atlanta Fall Classic I Conyers, GA 2017/11/082017ANov08
Duke "Jump For The Children" Raleigh, NC 2017/11/072017AANov07
Tryon Indoors I TIEC 2017/11/022017ANov1
Tryon Fall VI TIEC 2017/10/252017AOct5
Stepping Stone IV Aiken, SC 2017/10/212017BOct21
Tryon Fall V TIEC 2017/10/182017AOct3
Tryon Fall IV TIEC 2017/10/112017AOct2
Equus Tryon Fall IV TIEC 2017/10/102017AOct10
NC State Fair HJ Show Raleigh, NC 2017/10/042017AOct4
Tryon Fall III TIEC 2017/10/042017AOCt1
Culpeper Finals Culpeper, VA 2017/09/272017AASept27
Tryon Fall II TIEC 2017/09/272017ASep3
Chattahoochee Classic Chatt Hills 2017/09/212017ASep21
Tryon Fall I TIEC 2017/09/212017ASep2
Aiken Fall Festival II Bruce's Field 2017/09/142017ASep14
Aiken Fall Festival I Bruce's Field 2017/09/072017ASep7
Greensboro Hunter Jumper Classic Greensboro, NC 2017/09/012107ASep01
Atlanta Summerfest III Fairburn, GA 2017/08/242017AAug24
Tryon August III TIEC 2017/08/242017AAug3
Constitution Classic Culpeper, VA 2017/08/232017AAAug23
Stepping Stone III Aiken, SC 2017/08/192017BAug19
Atlanta Summerfest II Fairburn, GA 2017/08/172017AAug17
Tryon August II TIEC 2017/08/172017AAug2
Winston National Culpeper, VA 2017/08/162017AAAug16
Atlanta Summerfest I Fairburn, GA 2017/08/102017AAug10
Lexington National Horse Show Lexington, VA 2017/08/092017AAAug09
Tryon August I TIEC 2017/08/092017AAug1
Old Atlanta Classic II Wills Park Equestrian Center 2017/07/202017AJul20
Tryon Summer VIII TIEC 2017/07/192017AJul3
Charleston Summer Classic II John's Island, SC 2017/07/182017AJul18
Old Atlanta Classic I Wills Park Equestrian Center 2017/07/132017AJul13
Cavalier Classic Culpeper, VA 2017/07/122017AAJul12
Tryon Summer VII TIEC 2017/07/122017AJul2
Charleston Summer Classic I John's Island, SC 2017/07/112017AJul11
Showday National Culpeper, VA 2017/07/052017AAJul5
Tryon Summer VI TIEC 2017/07/052017AJul1
NCHJA Annual Horse Show Raleigh, NC 2017/06/282017AJun28
Tryon Summer V TIEC 2017/06/282017AJun4
Tryon Summer IV TIEC 2017/06/222017AJun3
Atlanta Summer Classic II Conyers, GA 2017/06/212017AJun22
Deep Run Horse Show Manakin-Sabot, VA 2017/06/212017AJun21
Tryon Summer III TIEC 2017/06/152017AJun2
Atlanta Summer Classic I Conyers, GA 2017/06/142017AJun14
Tryon Summer II TIEC 2017/06/072017Jun1
Tryon Summer I TIEC 2017/05/312017AMay5
Tryon May IV TIEC 2017/05/242017AMay4
Stepping Stone II Aiken, SC 2017/05/202017BMay20
Triangle Sandhills Spring Classic Raeford, NC 2017/05/182017AMay18T
Equus Events Tryon TIEC 2017/05/172017AMay17
Tryon May III WCHR TIEC 2017/05/172017AMay3
Keswick Horse Show Keswick, VA 2017/05/162017AMay16
James River Hunt Horse Show Spotsylvania, VA 2017/05/122017May12
Aiken Charity II Bruce's Field 2017/05/102017AMay 10
Tryon May II TIEC 2017/05/102017AMay2
Sedgefield Horse Show Greensboro, NC 2017/05/042017AMay04
Lexington Spring Encore Lexington, VA 2017/05/032017AAMay03
Aiken Charity I Bruce's Field 2017/05/032017AMay03
Tryon May I TIEC 2017/05/032017AMay1
Tryon Spring VI TIEC 2017/04/272017AApr12
Spring Classic Finale Aiken, SC 2017/04/262017AApr8
Lexington Spring Premier Lexington, VA 2017/04/262017AApr7
Tryon Spring V TIEC 2017/04/202017AApr11
Jacksonville Spring III Jacksonville, FL 2017/04/192017AApr6
Spring Classic Master Aiken, SC 2017/04/192017AApr5
Commonwealth National Culpeper, VA 2017/04/192017AApr4
Jacksonville Spring II Jacksonville, FL 2017/04/172017AApr3
Tryon Spring IV TIEC 2017/04/12201/7AApr10
Tryon Spring III TIEC 2017/04/092017AApr9
Jacksonville Spring J/AO Premiere I Jacksonville, FL 2017/04/072017AApr2
Camden Spring Camden, SC 2017/04/062017AApr1
Atlanta Spring Classic II Conyers, GA 2017/03/292017AMar13
Atlanta Spring Classic I Conyers, GA 2017/03/222017AMar12
Ocala Championship Ocala, FL 2017/03/212017AMar11
Raleigh Indoors Spring Classic Raleigh, NC 2017/03/162017AMar9
Winter Fest II Chatt Hills 2017/03/162017AMar10
Gulf coast Winter Finale VI Gulfport, MS 2017/03/152017AMar8
Ocala Winter Celebration Ocala, FL 2017/03/142017AMar7
Gulf Coast Sunshine V Gulfport, MS 2017/03/082017AMar6
March Madness II Aiken, SC 2017/03/082017AMar5
Ocala Winter Finals Ocala, FL 2017/03/072017AMar4
Hollins Spring Welcome Lexington, Va 2017/03/022017AMar2
Gulf Coast Mid Winter IV Gulfport, MS 2017/03/012017AMar3
March Madness I Aiken, SC 2017/03/012017AMar1
Ocala Tournament Ocala, FL 2017/02/282017AFeb11
Raleigh Indoors Winter Classic II Raleigh, NC 2017/02/232017AFeb10
Gulf Coast Magnolia III Gulfport, MS 2017/02/222017AFeb9
Ocala Masters Ocala, FL 2017/02/212017AFeb8
Carolina Classic Aiken, SC 2017/02/162017AFeb7
Gulf Coast National II Gulfport, MS 2017/02/152017AFeb6
Ocala Winter Festival Ocala, FL 2017/02/142017AFeb5
Cupid Classic Aiken, SC 2017/02/092017AFeb4
Gulf Coast Premiere I Gulfport, MS 2017/02/082017AFeb3
Ocala Winter Classic Ocala, FL 2017/02/072017AFeb2
Stonewall Country II Lexington, VA 2017/02/032017AFeb1
Ocala Premier Ocala, FL 2017/01/312017AJan10
Raleigh Indoors Winter Classic Raleigh, NC 2017/01/262017AJan9
Pensacola Finale III Pensacola, FL 2017/01/252017AJan8
Ocala January Festival Ocala, FL 2017/01/242017AJan7
Stonewall Country I Lexington, VA 2017/01/192017AJan6
Pensacola Mid-Winter II Pensacola, FL 2017/01/182017AJan5
Ocala January Classic Ocala, FL 2017/01/172017AJan4
Pensacola Premiere I Pensacola, FL 2017/01/172017AJan3
Aiken Challenge II Aiken, SC 2017/01/122017AJan2
Aiken Challenge I Aiken, SC 2017/01/052017AJan1
Raleigh Indoors Holiday Classic Raleigh, NC 2016/12/282016ADec7
Ocala Holiday Festival Ocala, FL 2016/12/212016ADec6
Stepping Stone I-CANCELLED Aiken, SC 2016/12/172016BDec17
Ocala Holiday Classic Ocala, FL 2016/12/142016ADec5
December Classic II Alpharetta, GA 2016/12/082016ADec4
Triangle Sandhills Holiday Classic Raeford, NC 2016/12/082016ADec3
December Classic I Alpharetta, GA 2016/12/012016ADec2
Aiken Fall Finale Aiken, SC 2016/12/012016ADec1