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Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/11/182017CNov18
Stepping Stone V Aiken, SC 2017/11/182017BNov18
Camden H/J Series Finale Camden, SC 2017/11/112017CNov11
NCHJA "C" Equitation Finals Raleigh, NC 2017/11/042017CNov04
PSJ Finals Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/11/032017CNov3
Greensboro Haunted Classic I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/10/282017COct05
BRHJA Classic Tyron, NC (FENCE) 2017/10/272017COct04
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/10/212017COct21
Hunter Haven Farm & Idle Fox Farm EHA Williamston, NC 2017/10/142017COct14
Greensboro Fall I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/10/142017COct03
PSJ Finals Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/10/142017COct02
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/10/072017COct07
PSJ FENCE Tyron, NC 2017/10/072017COct01
Triangle Farms Fall Classic Raleigh, NC 2017/09/292017CSep04
PSJ Mullet Hall John's Island, SC 2017/09/232017CSep03
Greensboro Derby Classic I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/09/232017CSep02
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/09/162017CSep19
Camden Fall Classic Camden, SC 2017/09/162017CSep16
Sanctuary Farm & Otter Creek Stables EHA Williamston, NC 2017/09/092017CSep10
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/09/092017CSep09
Harmon Classics Labor Day Tyron, NC (FENCE) 2017/09/012017CSept1
PSJ Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/08/262017CAug26
Triangle Farms Summer Indoors II Raleigh, NC 2017/08/252017CAug25
Greensboro Late Summer I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/08/192017CAug20
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/08/122017CAug12
PSJ FENCE Tyron, NC 2017/08/052017CAug5
Camden Summer Classic Camden, SC 2017/07/292017CJul30
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/07/292017CJul29
Triangle Farms Summer Indoors I Raleigh, NC 2017/07/212017CJul21
Greensboro Mid-Summer I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/07/152017CJul16
PSJ Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/07/152017CJul15
SPJ SCEP Camden, SC 2017/07/082017CJul8
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/07/082017CJul08
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/06/242107CJun24
PSJ Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/06/242017CJun24
Greensboro June Spectacular I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/06/172017CJun17
Harmon Classics Derby Mania Tyron, NC (FENCE) 2017/06/152017CJun15
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/06/102017CJun10
PSJ Mullet Hall Summer John's Island, SC 2017/06/092017CJun9
Sanctuary Farm & Otter Creek Stables EHA Williamston, NC 2017/06/032017CJun04
Greensboro Memorial Day Classic I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/05/272017CMay27
Camden Spring Classic Camden, SC 2017/05/202017CMay21
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/05/202017CMay20
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/05/142017CMay14
PSJ Spring Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/05/132017CMay13
BRHJA Mothers Day Celebration Tyron, NC 2017/05/062017CMay6
Greensboro Spring I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/04/292017CApr6
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/04/292017CApr1
Triangle Farms Spring Fling Outdoors Raleigh, NC 2017/04/212017CApr5
PSJ SCEP Camden, SC 2017/04/142017CApr3
Hunter Haven Farm & Idle Fox Farm EHA Williamston, NC 2017/04/082017CApr2
Triangle Farms Spring Indoors II Raleigh, NC 2017/03/312017CMar9
Greensboro Early Spring I & II Greensboro, NC 2017/03/252017CMar7
Harmon Classics Spring Challenge Camden, SC 2017/03/252017CMar6
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/03/252017CMar8
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/03/182017CMar5
BRHJA Spring Premier Tyron, NC 2017/03/182017CMar4
Triangle Farms Spring Indoors I Raleigh, NC 2017/03/102017CMar3
Greensboro Kick Off I, II Greensboro, NC 2017/03/042017CMar2
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/03/012017CMar1
PSJ Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/02/252017CFeb3
Triton Stables Raleigh, NC 2017/02/182017CFeb4
Triangle Farms Valentine Indoors Williamson, NC 2017/02/102017CFeb2
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2017/02/042017CFeb1
PSJ Highfields Aiken, SC 2017/01/212017CJan2
Triangle Farms Winter Indoors I Raleigh, NC 2017/01/202017CJan1
Trademark Stables Apex, NC 2016/12/172016CDec4
Hunter Haven Farm/Idle Fox Farm with EHA Williamston, NC 2016/12/032016CDec3
Triangle Farms in the Sandhills Raeford, NC 2016/12/022016CDec2
Palmetto Derby & Medal Finals Camden, SC 2016/12/022016CDec1