A Show Hunter Points

Short Stirrup

Bed Head Nedowned by: Marissa Santaniello739
Along Came A Spiderowned by: Karen Bruce734
My First Flowerowned by: Sophie Bray585
Blue Octoberowned by: Gabrielle Glendening515
Steel My Heartowned by: Kolbie Watson515
Starstruckowned by: Arden Merritt491
Bedtime Storyowned by: Natalie Tunstra461
Short Storyowned by: Olivia Golden331
Heart Of Goldowned by: Mary Reeves Hopkins324
Farnley Keep It A Secretowned by: Brooke Watridge324
Bazingaowned by: Catherine Cram256
Kiddin Aroundowned by: Triton Stables160
Cute As A Buttonowned by: CDS Stables155
Crystal Acres Sunny Daysowned by: Kaitlyn Berly150
MyWishowned by: Elizabeth Bodin128
Full Of Graceowned by: Catherine Tucker126
Lee Hill Riptideowned by: Fairy Tale Farms113
Take A Bowowned by: Anna Ceelen99
Rainy Night In Georgiaowned by: Langston Hopkins89
Double Stuffedowned by: Parker Peacock87
Ain't That A Kickowned by: Samantha Elliott86
Tin Manowned by: Townsend Farm80
Sands Of Timeowned by: Kimberly Ely79
Loafers Lodge Icemanowned by: Savannah Welch76
Tell Me Something Goodowned by: Sarah Ellerbe75
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Crawford66
Irish Moonowned by: Cannon Thomas58
Pepperwood Enchantedowned by: Kaylee Johnson56
Farnley Byronowned by: Catherine Cram53
Sweet Escapeowned by: Sheridan Johnson32
Woodland's Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briar Field Farm27
The Heartbreak Kidowned by: Sally Ives24
Caraway Charlotteowned by: Grace Bridges19
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Savannah Welch17
Madelineowned by: Maureen Wurzel15

Green Pony

All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade2044
Exuberanceowned by: Madeline Rubin1607
Picturesque Wishful Thinkowned by: Robert Millet1345
Sequinowned by: Sally Ives1083
Ollie Oopowned by: Katherine Smith849
Escapades Fancy Pantsowned by: Claire Peters805
Bed Hed Nedowned by: Glenair Farm789
Empire's Onyxowned by: Joe White777
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin624
Aint That A Kickowned by: Karen Bruce594
Nomineeowned by: Elle Gibbs576
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin558
Al Schoponiowned by: Grayson Hutchins390
Woodlands Doodle Bugowned by: Sydney Beese349
Midnight Memoriesowned by: Natalie Tuinstra271
CRF Casanovaowned by: CRF Equestrian236
Woodlands Raindrops On Rosesowned by: Taylor Price231
Champlaom Sera Finaowned by: Amanda Stuber215
Stoneledge Just My Styleowned by: Jessica West166
Ever So Slightlyowned by: Gracei Robertson165
Let's Fly Ladybugowned by: Jenna Nelson162
Spoonful Of Sugarowned by: Logan Crouser157
Woodland's Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briar Field Farm, LLC138
Helicon Stowawayowned by: Reann Jones132
Rock On Hudsonowned by: Margaret Stell130
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes85
Rollingwoods All In Allowned by: Mary Hunter Millet81
Sequola Lane's Cajun Spicowned by: Rebecca Ives73
Ella Enchantedowned by: Jessica Gaby72

Small Pony

Glenhaven Astoriaowned by: Parker Peacock3154
With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade2686
Farmore State Of The Artowned by: Abigail Gordon1255
I Candyowned by: Megan D'Amico1047
Baby Blueowned by: Abigail Gordon872
Picturesque Knick Knackowned by: Parker Mechling719
Penelope Cruisin'owned by: Madeline Rubin379
A Dream Come Trueowned by: DK-USA Sporthorse353
Bed Head Nedowned by: Marissa Santanello180
Farnley Byronowned by: Catherine Cram156
Sequoia Lane's Cajunowned by: Rebecca Ives122
Champlain Shortcakesowned by: Amanda Stuber118
Clovermeade Razzbunnyowned by: Linen Owens105
Hidden Springs Fennelowned by: Dianne Randolph100

Medium Pony

Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens1588
Astro Boyowned by: Elle Gibbs1440
Sequinowned by: Sally Ives1383
Kutchenowned by: Jenna Nelson1351
Dipped In Chocolateowned by: Catherine Cram1341
Arkadyowned by: Ashleigh Colantuoni1315
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Savannah Welch1133
Gayfields Easy Buttonowned by: Andrea Guzinski1032
Ginger Rogersowned by: Libbie Gordon1021
Finest Feather By Farowned by: Emma Hicks971
Makloudowned by: Lanie Rubin780
Beatrix Potterowned by: Morgan Ashby777
When In Roanowned by: Briar Field Farm, LLC716
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Lafforthun671
Exuberanceowned by: Madeline Rubin578
Gleymeadows Ginger Snapowned by: Morgan Cook557
Just Jackowned by: Hadley Crawford543
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers347
Woodlands Boo Boo Bearowned by: Ann Patterson Sparks305
All Your Dreamsowned by: Katelyn Martin269
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade226
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin181
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade156
Onyxford's Blue Magicowned by: Leigh Ashby121
Woodland's Doodle Bugowned by: Sydney Beese118
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes73
Rollingwoods Sticky Bunsowned by: Gabriella Tekampe36

Large Pony

Champlain Sovereignowned by: The Hill Farm2290
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Alexandra Ryden1836
Sugarbrook West Pointowned by: Gabrielle Sousa1782
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick1704
Child's Play Hot Topicowned by: Libbie Gordon1570
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet1235
Timelessowned by: Victoria Haynes1204
Just My Styleowned by: Davenport Hatcher956
Champlain Rowboatowned by: Victoria Haynes906
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantation864
Orions Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West776
Nomineeowned by: Elle Gibbs754
Pardon My Zipperowned by: Emma Hodes742
Baby I Was Born This Wayowned by: Cooper Batis718
Brownie Pointsowned by: Ava Loverso713
My Sweet Dreamsowned by: Savannah Roberts655
Crocodile Rockowned by: Grace Plumb642
Stonehengeowned by: Remy Deitelbaum527
Mapleside Knight Spotowned by: Emma Gurley496
Occhioowned by: Elle Gibbs363
Deal Me Inowned by: Alexandra Weaver272
Picturesque Wishful Thinkingowned by: Robert Millet269
Forget Me Notowned by: Medelyn Van Tiem254
Debonairowned by: Naia Tappa252
Wellon Goldsmithowned by: Savannah Jenkins241
Hidden Springs Linusowned by: Dianne Randolph190
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin165
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle156
Maple Side Midasowned by: Andrea Guzinski101
Sa-Lyn's Kitty Hawkowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli84
Ante Upowned by: Katelyn Martin84
Ollie Oopowned by: Katherine Smith70
Top Notch Peek-A-Booowned by: Kenley Batts62

Childrens Pony

Kid Rockowned by: Wendy Peralta1275
Miss Money Pennyowned by: Amelia Turner832
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Hannah Rothberg685
Brownie Pointsowned by: Ava Loverso636
Highlife's Lamborghiniowned by: Alessandra Besse386
My Little Golden Girlowned by: Mary Margaret Overby366
For Narniaowned by: Audrey Sydnor350
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantat 296
Arkadyowned by: Ashleigh Colantuoni295
Just My Styleowned by: Davenport Hatcher278
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle271
Just Jackowned by: Hadley Crawford255
Celtic Creeks Arielowned by: Ellen Glover220
SF Periwinkleowned by: Gracie Edmundson218
Ginger Rogersowned by: Libbie Gordon184
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Crawford175
Celtic Creek Orange Knickersowned by: Sophie Bray174
Gold Medal Ribbonowned by: Emily Smith161
Escapade's Fancy Pantsowned by: Claire Peters157
Ella Enchantedowned by: Jessica Gaby157
Seaborne's Telltaleowned by: Sarah Nelson148
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade148
Echoowned by: Kara Jones140
Casanovaowned by: Stella Thigpen116
Nomineeowned by: Elle Gibbs114
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade104
Loafers Lodge Icemanowned by: Savannah Welch95
Whisper 2 Meowned by: Alysa Orrick95
Kryptoniteowned by: Annie Cosby94
Celtic's Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Erin Dombroski93
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin93
Celtic Creek's Almost IRIowned by: Anna Rhodes88
Sa-Lyn's Kitty Hawkowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli76
Pitch Perfectowned by: Owens Linen75
Scooby-Dooowned by: Laurie Rives68
Third Time A Charmowned by: Taylor Bundy18
Penny Laneowned by: Sarah Newman17

Low Child

City Limitsowned by: Jenna Weiner1196
Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade875
Excursowned by: Hannah Echols583
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews572
Dolceowned by: Sully Williams561
Rainy Night In Georgiaowned by: Langston Hopkins457
Splotchowned by: Lindsey Rigney453
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks413
Alpine's Poppyowned by: Mary Baum372
Benji VDLowned by: Meghan Griggs349
Jasperowned by: Molly Roberts348
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives290
Falidoowned by: Amelia Zahn239
Markeloowned by: Brooke Cole204
Bayouowned by: Cathy Dow197
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski189
Le'Jurleeowned by: Jory Marino184
Mer Solielowned by: Jennifer Bryant181
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle161
Atrevidoowned by: Kendall Cashion159
Gerry 79owned by: Katie Dawson LLC152
Brookhavenowned by: Amelia Wright150
Delilahowned by: Jenna Nelson145
Elderowned by: Waverly Gans122
Abruzziowned by: Lauren Lorenzi109
Cadet's Mateoowned by: Victoria Kirby109
Shotgun Riderowned by: Lindsay McAulay106
Givenowned by: Sarah Page Steffens105
Key Largoowned by: Tiffany Ramsey105
Mangusowned by: Lauren Orfink104
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto100
Sugar Magnoliaowned by: Kimberly Cummings92
Amazing Sensationowned by: Erica Hamilton90
Decafeowned by: Nick Alberti89
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth89
Alivioowned by: Rachel Bort87
Temptationowned by: Kiara Barnett68
Better Than Everowned by: Kerry O'Donnell66
Illuminateowned by: Helen Gillick57
Waco Wacoowned by: Kim Struglinski56
Sa-Lyn's Kitty Hawkowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli54
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski28
Savage Sailorowned by: Paula William27
Rio Ultimoowned by: Don Sheehan Craig Allen24
Andrettiowned by: McKenzie Wallis20
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantation17

Low Adult

Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares1029
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler900
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds834
Czech Pleaseowned by: Leon Lissette711
Greytaowned by: Ashley Montaquila679
Zetterbergowned by: Jacinda Purrington567
Arch Angelowned by: Sydney Fadel440
Per Seowned by: Nicole Davis395
Ti Amoowned by: Jan Seawall389
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder371
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle335
Brown-Eyed Girlowned by: Martin Schlaeppi283
Bayouowned by: Cathy Dow237
Markeloowned by: Brooke Cole204
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins194
Bethel's Periowned by: Grace Howard190
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay175
Waco Wacoowned by: Kim Struglinski170
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz168
Brookhavenowned by: Amelia Wright150
London Callingowned by: Susannah Shearer104
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto100
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski96
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth89
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder80
Delilahowned by: Jenna Nelson77
Enchantingowned by: Kelsey Pike69
Happy Dazeowned by: Jane Fulton58
Good Timesowned by: Henry Macnair57
Corettoowned by: Jacinda Purrington49
Cyberjetowned by: Andrea Irby20

Childrens 14 and Under

Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell1558
Internet IIowned by: Charlotte Black1259
Primorosoowned by: Isabella Di Benedetto832
As You Wishowned by: Haley Rogers541
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black521
Limited Editioowned by: Sheridan Johnson427
Alivioowned by: Rachel Bort280
Benderowned by: Sally Ives255
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks176
Lucianoowned by: Caroline Bradley168
Bibiowned by: Franz Robinson150
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice149
Begin The Danceowned by: Libby Bertelsen149
Mr. Darcyowned by: Kirsten Schuler124
Beau Kowned by: Emily Grace Thomas103
Throwback Thursdayowned by: Sophie Hauptmann78
Renaissance Manowned by: Amy Siebert68
Cakebreadowned by: Patrice Schreiber18

Childrens 15 to 17

First Classowned by: Katelyn North2626
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens1658
Baysideowned by: Sarah Page Steffens1374
Reliantowned by: Jordan Sigmon1305
Dual Citizenowned by: Elizabeth Chappell1147
Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams1077
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth987
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens908
Happiness Isowned by: Spur Creek805
Life Storyowned by: Beverly Crest Farm600
Devotedowned by: Ellison Beaver504
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski398
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski390
Most Of Allowned by: Four Tall Oaks384
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu334
Picturesque EFowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem283
Renaissance Manowned by: Amy Seibert247
Lost My Sockowned by: Shelton Houser226
Glass Of Guinessowned by: Courtney Lefebvre226
Pax Romanaowned by: Quinn Carter222
C. Louis Zowned by: Beverly Davis199
Lime Zestowned by: Courtney Lefebvre181
Elderowned by: Waverly Gans148
As You Wishowned by: Haley Rogers133
Radjah'Datowned by: Jordan Sigmon130
Masonboroowned by: Elizabeth Paul123
Rio Ultimoowned by: Don Sheehan Craig Allen118
Emmalineowned by: Rylee Rosenthal114
Joshlynowned by: Lisa Dickerson111
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb106
Alchemistowned by: Beverly Davis91
Benji VDLowned by: Meghan Griggs90
Pegamentoowned by: Andrea Guzinski85
Capture The Momentowned by: Melissa Wiggins82
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski82
Decafeowned by: Mackenzie Hudson78
Rainy NIght In Georgiaowned by: Claire Steffens75
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe63
Nevadaowned by: Teresa Sutter44
Iron I Stellarowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson41
Diamantowned by: Regan White35

Small Junior

Pick Sixowned by: Lekha Ramachandran2400
Timoteoowned by: EFM Equestrian 1816
Joyfulowned by: Kara Jones497
Seleusowned by: Lily Gumenick151
Goldplayowned by: Noble Stride Consulting87
Linusowned by: Haley Redifer53

Large Junior

Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade1852
Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro1686
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell1621
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney1417
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables1212
Summit Zowned by: Lily Gumenick1205
Novel Towned by: Fairy Tale Farms1165
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp1129
Guest Of Honorowned by: Nolan Thompson693
Londonowned by: Linsday Milligan575
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt570
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables566
Life In Colorowned by: Jessica West551
Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne546
Chelloowned by: Kara Jones518
Vegasowned by: Teresa Sutter495
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian446
Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski393
Alchemistowned by: Beverly Davis355
Island Lifeowned by: Rachel Paradise259
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire202
Urianowned by: Logan Landfried146
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song144
Donderowned by: Clara Bechtold142
Quebec Starowned by: Fallyn Belcastro110
Sound Czechowned by: Rebecca Konrad96
Stedet's Leroyowned by: Webb Farm Equestrian87
SRF Milesowned by: MacKenzie Ashe60
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe57
Seleusowned by: Lily Gumenick16

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Sonomaowned by: Haley Barnes2585
Toulouseowned by: Coleman Holland1400
Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer1298
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith1244
Stetsonowned by: Rebecca Cooley1151
Solsburyowned by: Madison Matthews1021
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb912
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards901
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives831
Sound Czechowned by: Olivia Murray732
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli675
Silver Starowned by: Morgan Matlaa639
Alchemistowned by: Beverly Davis623
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert491
Duchesseowned by: Grace Skillman478
Rio Ultimoowned by: Craig Allen Don Sheehan435
Reigning Parfaitowned by: Peyton Carrington415
City Smartsowned by: Sully Williams350
Life SToryowned by: Beverly Crest Farm339
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe332
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski321
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens309
Applewoodowned by: Brianne Burkhardt278
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu274
Cortonowned by: Hope King240
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song194
Radjah'Datowned by: Greer Freeman138
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens135
Seleusowned by: Lily Bumenick131
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp100
D Oroowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem99
Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne86
Velvet Affairowned by: Kayla Hudnell68

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray2181
In Unisonowned by: Courtney Canizares2097
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex1053
Ultraowned by: Chelsea Ireland772
Starring Roleowned by: Kara Jackson-Michalski657
Sirahowned by: Meredith Crawford539
Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares517
Too Coolowned by: Addison Byrd517
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene413
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon392
Mr. Darcyowned by: Jane Murray377
Bethel's Periowned by: Grace Howard335
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder280
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard273
Harleyowned by: Jordyn Magnuson-Capatosto234
Lots Of Goldowned by: Melissa Burhenne206
Manhattanowned by: Margaret Holly King204
ButAlexandertonwoodowned by: Laurent 203
Testarosaowned by: Olivia Wilson175
Liberty Down Eastowned by: Catherine Daniels153
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau144
Lucky Starowned by: Townsend Farm133
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens132
Upowned by: Raeann Jones123
Applewoodowned by: Brianne Burkhardt109
Everetowned by: Madeline Waugh75
Ego Tripowned by: Sabrina Welch74
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder71
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice68
Cottonowned by: Audrey Gallagher54
Tour Guideowned by: Kailey Johnson45
Corettoowned by: Alexis Smith35
Greytaowned by: Ashley Montaquila27
D'Collageowned by: Layne Woodward26

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Trademarkowned by: Cathy Dow1303
Touch Of Sunowned by: Stacie Winslow1154
Yesterdayowned by: Kimberly Boutin607
Nauticalowned by: Meredith Huddle588
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz539
Son Of A Sailorowned by: Emma Fass412
Allegoryowned by: Sarah Nash368
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat356
Jet Stream Kowned by: Sloan Hodges334
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards326
Renaissance Manowned by: Amy Siebert197
Sirahowned by: Meredith Crawford168
Buttonwoodowned by: Alexander Laurent162
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds147
Winterfellowned by: Merilee Ventura138
Bon Joviowned by: Susan Reynolds123
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway118

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole3007
Chechessee Circleowned by: Joan Alberti2089
Quintagoowned by: Sandra Savage1557
Toltecowned by: Vicki Autry1291
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle1061
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay833
Out Of Vogueowned by: Karen Bruce685
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schlaeppe629
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe548
Piperowned by: Kim Shuler476
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFdden445
Quintessentialowned by: RAF LLC253
Mr. Darcyowned by: Jane Murray158
Sea Smokeowned by: Lucy Rutter42
Stonehengeowned by: Mary Kristensen31
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth25

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole3112
Lover Boyowned by: Claudia Pollex2345
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith1863
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat1121
Adorationowned by: Caroline Kornegay1041
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding1034
Glable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer794
Manhattanowned by: Holly King791
Montblancowned by: Aleksandra Woodward788
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels785
Little Boy Balouowned by: Ashely Hurteau716
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard659
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger407
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula377
Carlottaowned by: Ashley Hodges317
Tour Guideowned by: Kailey Johnson316
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway245
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz202
Jet Streamowned by: Sloan Hodges192
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex169
Herr Chicoowned by: Maria Hackney158
Padji D Eosowned by: Caroline Waugh131
Buttonwoodowned by: Alexander Laurent123
Hey Nowowned by: Stacey Ingram122
Castelliowned by: Khaki Run LLC112
Cartianoowned by: Amy Hassinger108
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song105
Royal Robinowned by: Lisa Clements92
Strategeowned by: Meagan Jones87
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel77
Applewoodowned by: Brianne Burkhardt61
Testarosaowned by: Olivia Wilson59
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens29
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose20
Too Coolowned by: Addison Byrd16

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex1205
Dicaprioowned by: Page Wilson1193
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire835
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose463
Gablestoneowned by: Diane Semer269
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger148
Testarosaowned by: Olivia Williams117
Unimpeachableowned by: Victoria Waugh83
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau70

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz1461
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens1156
Chapeauowned by: Kathy Serio1025
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden747
Sandroowned by: James Hassinger200
Royal Robinowned by: Lisa Clements185
Samaritanowned by: Jennifer Munday148

Green Hunter 3 Foot

First Classowned by: Katelyn North1165
Decollageowned by: Aleksandra Woodard1108
Supurlativeowned by: Grace Owens939
Ultraowned by: Chelsea Ireland862
Gretyaowned by: Ashley Montaquila719
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell501
Donnerprinz Bowned by: Cathy Dow408
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski194
Lots Of Goldowned by: Melissa Burhenne155
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert113
Sea Smokeowned by: Lucy Rutter108
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives90
Ti Amoowned by: Jan Seawall23
Plumb Lineowned by: Sarah McMerty14

Green Hunter 3 foot 3

Silver Liningowned by: Valerie Strothmeyer1443
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives1063
Colgateowned by: Cannon Thomas446
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens445
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene428
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit294
Confidantowned by: Grace Angelino254
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert198
FVF Divaowned by: Fox View Farm 132
Sertainlyowned by: Meredith Douthit77
Donnerprinz Bowned by: Cathy Dow74
Easy Come Easy Goowned by: Sarah McMerty39

Green Hunter 3 foot 6

Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merrit2246
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding1956
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon1722
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schlaeppi488
C. Theodoreowned by: Cannon Thomas385
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms326
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards204
Gable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer75
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit46

Green Hunter 3 foot 9

Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian265

Green Conformation

Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne1794
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz1405
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms 785
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding686
C. Theodoreowned by: Thomas Cannon408
Little Boy Balouowned by: Ashley Hurteau346
Little Manhattenowned by: FairyTale Farms302
Goldplyowned by: Noble Stride Consult 109
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards90

High Performance Hunter

Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms969
Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne408
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle389
Cosmeoowned by: DK-USA Sporthorse381
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden LLC301
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian195

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Walk The LIneowned by: Nancy Merritt1327
Bonjourowned by: Claudia Fass1219
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens1017
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat794
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith578
Corettoowned by: Townsend Farm542
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels433
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray367
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens342
Sonomaowned by: Haleu Barnes240
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire235
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger228
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms, Inc222
Zetterbergowned by: Townsend Farm218
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz198
Guest Of Honorowned by: Nolan Thompson190
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe180
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert170
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards160
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song148
Seleusowned by: Lily Gumenick139
Dolceowned by: Sully Williams139
Limited Editionowned by: Sheridan Johnson119
Samaritanowned by: Jennifer Munday116
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe115
Londonowned by: Lindsay Milligan114
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit114
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder109
San Patriano IIowned by: Michelle Beck101
Summitowned by: Lily Guenick98
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black85
Little Boy Balouowned by: Ashley Hurteau82
Don't Tellowned by: Kyl Roeber81
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables77
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens73
Uncle Lucowned by: Reflections Farm72
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle57
Linusowned by: Haley Redifer53
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli46
Pick Sixowned by: Lekha Ramachandran46
Lover Boyowned by: Claudia Pollex39
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives39
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole33
Starring Roleowned by: Kara Jackson-Michalski32
Dicaprioowned by: Paige Wilson25
Carlottaowned by: Ashley Hodges25
Silver Starowned by: Morgan Matlaga25
Life Storyowned by: Beverly Crest Farm25
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe22

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Most Of Allowned by: Four Tall Oaks1062
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp1010
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat911
Novel Towned by: Fariy Tale Farms610
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens525
Zetterbergowned by: Jacinda Purrington516
Margotowned by: Jennifer Boyle512
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables483
Corettoowned by: Jacinda Purrington363
Cosmeoowned by: DK-USA Sporthorse294
Dicaprioowned by: Paige Wilson292
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian287
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms279
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire246
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway240
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger232
Pick Sixowned by: Lekha Ramachandran202
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding176
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove146
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray143
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau95
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon86
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe78
Let It Goowned by: Isabelle Song57
Gablestoneowned by: Diane 47 Semer47
Dedicatedowned by: Elizbeth Tarumianz33
Timoteoowned by: EHM Equestrian28
Umbertoowned by: Emma Covington12