A Show Hunter Points

Short Stirrup

Cute As A Buttonowned by: Martha Trask1021
Makloudowned by: Finley Clement814
Madelineowned by: Martha Anne Johrendt405
SF Periwinkleowned by: Erich Smith328
Outta The Blueowned by: Andrea Barr247
Daddy's Paycheckowned by: Isabella Nelson237
Crystal Acres Sunny Daysowned by: Kaitlyn Berly216
Southern Exposureowned by: Sonya Kruger198
Bedtime Storyowned by: Natalie Tuinstra196
Heart Of Goldowned by: MacNair's Country Acres187
My Little Golden Girlowned by: Mary Reeves Hopkins169
Blue Stetsonowned by: Lillian Cain140
Sweet Teaowned by: Colton Chester137
The Heartbreak Kidowned by: Sally Ives122
My Last Nickelowned by: Ava Mason109
This Is My Sportowned by: Katie Mac Wright105
Splotchowned by: Lindsey Rigney95
Piano Manowned by: Jennifer Bryant94
Hidden Springs Fennelowned by: Dianne Randolph71

Green Pony

Pradaowned by: Sarah Rabb1838
Copacabanaowned by: Alana Duffy1636
Al Schoponiowned by: Grayson Hutchins1082
Gold Medal Ribbonowned by: Emily Smith903
Thinking Out Loudowned by: Caroline Johnson847
Rollingwoods All In Allowned by: Mary Hunter Millet796
Sa-Lyn's Kittly Hawkowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli761
My Little Golden Girlowned by: Eve Dunnagan695
Stoneledge Just My Styleowned by: Jessica West631
Glamorousowned by: Caroline Hancock628
Donafur's Daydreamowned by: Jenna Nelson498
Ella Enchantedowned by: Jessica Gaby420
Champlain Serafinaowned by: Martha Parrott361
Champagne & Pearlsowned by: Isabelle Bray351
Rainbow Roadowned by: Hailey Bostic274
Strawberry Wineowned by: Madison Mays270
Angelina's Hold Outowned by: Mary Miller178
Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall166
Midnight Memoriesowned by: Natalie Tuinstra163
Woodlands Raindrops On Rosesowned by: Taylor Price158
Celtic Creek Orange Knickersowned by: Sophie Bray155
Free N Easyowned by: Reva Dandrow125
Silver LIningowned by: Elizabeth Self88
Wildwynn X's & O'sowned by: Kolbie Watson80
Club Mixowned by: Margaret Stell67

Small Pony

Glenhaven Astoriaowned by: Parker Peacock2182
Copacabanaowned by: Alana Duffy1874
With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade1362
Howie Do Itowned by: Finley Morgan954
Stars Aboveowned by: Ella Tarumianz725
IFlirtowned by: Ella Tarumianz517
Blue Stetsonowned by: Lillian Cain411
Champagne & Pearlsowned by: Isabelle Bray373
A Dream Come Trueowned by: DK-USA Sporthorse, LLC185
Bubble Wrapowned by: Ella Tarumianz74
Rainbow Roadowned by: Hailey Bostic73
Wynnbrook Pocket Of Pearlsowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson68

Medium Pony

Bold Dreamowned by: Ashleigh Colantuoni1845
Cloud Nineowned by: Owens Linens1695
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Savannah Welch1431
Qualen's Got Magicowned by: GC Ponies1321
Beatrix Potterowned by: Morgan Ashby1218
Exuberanceowned by: Madeline Rubin1146
Just Jackowned by: Hadley Crawford870
Heart To Believeowned by: Kaitlyn Berly856
Woodlands Summer Rainowned by: Gentry Safriet799
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin695
Woodland's Doodlebugowned by: Sydney Beese686
Arkadyowned by: Briar Field Farm629
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade619
Kutchenowned by: Jenna Nelson569
Thinking Out Loudowned by: Caroline Johnson507
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Trademark Stables431
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens412
Rollingwoods All In Allowned by: Mary Hunter Millet401
Limerickowned by: Parker Mechling368
Donafur's Daydreamowned by: Jenna Nelson338
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade337
My First Flowerowned by: Sophie Bray158
Gayfield's Easy Buttonowned by: Andrea Guzinski145
Champlain Serafinaowned by: Martha Parrott88
Rockportowned by: Isabella Di Benedetto75

Large Pony

Nomineeowned by: Elle Gibbs3070
Daventry's Davinciowned by: Katie Triantos2109
Eddie Bauerowned by: Jessie Spade1988
Coleridgeowned by: Dale Crittenberger1826
Just My Styleowned by: Davenport Hatcher1736
Carnivalowned by: Grace Rabb1736
Sugarbrook West Pointowned by: Gabrielle Sousa1664
Ante Upowned by: Katelyn Martin1099
Ollie Oopowned by: Katherine Smith1000
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantation830
Celtic Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Alexandra Ryden628
Stonehengeowned by: Remy Deitelbaum513
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet459
Pardon My Zipperowned by: Emma Hodes451
Picturesque Wishful Thinkingowned by: Robert Millet401
Blue Strutterowned by: Horse Show Leases, LLC367
Strawberry Wineowned by: Madison Mays314
Pradaowned by: Sarah Rabb277
Cetic Creek Golden Nuggetowned by: Lindsay Milligan251
Celtic Creek Orange Knickersowned by: Sophie Bray225
Gold Medal Ribbonowned by: Emily Smith204
Bestsellerowned by: Tara Dow-Rein202
Pacific Blueowned by: Linen Owens188
Stoneledge Just My Styleowned by: JessicWest 147
A Wrinkle In Timeowned by: Jessica West117
Midnight Memoriesowned by: Natalie Tuinstra104
Al Schoponiowned by: Grayson Hutchins102
Angelina's Hold Outowned by: Mary Miller99
Surf's Upowned by: Lauryn Tannenhaus85
Starlight On Rosesowned by: Kendle Schooler80
Glamorousowned by: Caroline Hancock76
Hidden Springs Linusowned by: Dianne Randolph71
Maple Side MIdasowned by: Andrea Guzinski69
Brownie Pointsowned by: Ava Loverso41

Childrens Pony

Crocodile Rockowned by: Emma Plumb901
Home Run Boundowned by: Karen Bruce770
Casanovaowned by: Stella Thigpen719
My Last Nickelowned by: Ava Mason538
Pacific Blueowned by: Linen Owens504
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick460
Blue Stetsonowned by: Lillian Cain352
Carolina Chromeowned by: Emma Ridinger329
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade289
Celtic Creek Orange Knickersowned by: Sophie Bray273
Blue Octoberowned by: Paige Jadick255
Fenway Spring Previewowned by: Ellie Gentes231
Blue Strutterowned by: Horse Show Leases, LLC148
Ella Enchantedowned by: Jessica Gaby145
Kiddin Aroundowned by: Tess Kjellberg129
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantation126
Wynnbrook April Forestowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson122
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes117
Seaborne's Telltaleowned by: Sarah Nelson108
Ever So Slightlyowned by: Gracie Robertson96
Island Boyowned by: Anabelle Waldron92
Celtic Creek Early Riserowned by: Logan Reilly82
IFlirtowned by: Ella Tarumianz78
Silver Liningowned by: Elizabeth Self77
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Jessie Spade66
Champagne & Pearlsowned by: Isabelle Bray51
Woodlands Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briar Field Farm, LLC50
Ain't That A Kickowned by: Karen Bruce41
Celtic Creeks Golden Nuggetowned by: Lindsay Milligan39
Vermont Black Goldowned by: Beverly Davis39

Low Child

To Infinity And Beyondowned by: Taylor Bundy1051
Rainy Night In Georgiaowned by: Langston Hopkins832
Mer Soleilowned by: Kirsten Hannah779
Evenowned by: Madelyn Jadick688
Internet IIowned by: Catherine Cram464
Phaedraowned by: Kathleen Gurley313
Highland Parkowned by: Caroline Glidewell298
Baysideowned by: Stephanie Fernandez292
Alpine's Poppyowned by: Mary Baum278
Viva S Van Gogh Wowned by: Grace Plumb253
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz241
Sincerely Meowned by: Anne Chapman235
Solsburyowned by: Avery Matthews220
Diamantowned by: Regan White219
Truthfullyowned by: Ashley Gasiorowski213
Bashfulowned by: Fairy Tale Farms192
Casanovaowned by: Stella Thigpen184
Kieraowned by: Courtney Canizares175
Excursowned by: Hannah Echols162
Copper Mountainowned by: Claire Peters150
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews147
Brown_Eyed Girlowned by: Martin Schlaeppi121
This Is My Sportowned by: Katie Mac Wright121
Falidoowned by: Sophia Strahan98
Carson 7owned by: Marin Sorofman95
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen93
Savannah Belleowned by: Leiske Morgan80
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle67
Just A Starowned by: Alessandra Beese63
Tenaciousowned by: Lisa Dye48
Celtic Creeks Golden Nuggetowned by: Linsday Milligan26
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski25

Low Adult

Trump Cardowned by: Lisa Aiken737
Bramble RHowned by: Frances Isenrich712
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler505
Rio George'ousowned by: Elizabeth Henley472
Better Than Everowned by: Kerry O'Donnell439
Beach Cruiserowned by: Skye Deitelbaum419
Smittenowned by: Anna Ceelen410
Maxumusowned by: Jan Seawell362
Zetterbergowned by: Jacinda Purrington354
Cristallo 19owned by: Catherine Daniels280
Bethel's Periowned by: Grace Howard260
Greytaowned by: Ashley Montaquila255
Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes246
Per Seowned by: Nicole Davis182
As You Wishowned by: Vicki Autry150
Piano Manowned by: Jennifer Bryant149
Portsmouthowned by: Catherine Daniels128
Look My Wayowned by: Sandra Savage124
Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady117
Falidoowned by: Oriana Stables115
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller97
Sophie's Treatowned by: Darby Roberts80
Revelationowned by: Kathryn Taylor78
Providenceowned by: Catherine Pollard74
Smooth Sailingowned by: Sarah Wren73
Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares62
Coco-Luxeowned by: Ryann Stewart60
Victorowned by: Carelyn Monroe28

Childrens 14 and Under

Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade1620
Rotspunowned by: Amelia Rewis1496
Gossip Girlowned by: Katie Triantos1088
Copper Mountainowned by: Claire Peters827
Noteableowned by: Elizabeth Cram769
Ducatiowned by: Eva Hammer755
Motownowned by: Caroline Maude Hedges600
Caipiraowned by: Tara Dow-Rein596
Excursowned by: Hannah Echols491
Cinematicowned by: Emma Hicks364
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks303
Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms301
Baysideowned by: Stephanie Grace Fernandez299
Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski294
Sincerely Meowned by: Anne Chapman286
Santingo Zowned by: Suzannah McWilliam275
Conquistdorowned by: Alicia Wilkinson264
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives246
Francescaowned by: Grace Lyons235
Ramoneowned by: Paige Jadick226
Copy Thatowned by: Merilee Ventura147
Whyowned by: Andrea Guzinski143
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski127
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz80
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski69
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski63
Heir Apparentowned by: Robin Greenwood61
Lifestyleowned by: Casey Baranowski44
Alchemistowned by: Beverly Davis40
Walking On Sunshineowned by: Courtney Acker22

Childrens 15 to 17

Echelonowned by: Tara Dow-Rein1700
Devotedowned by: Ellison Beaver1575
Rose'owned by: Elizabeth Ragsdale1329
Acovibuowned by: Mary Helen Earp1125
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens1081
Ambassador CWFowned by: Elizabeth Chappell1026
Happiness Isowned by: Keely Gray677
Lieronowned by: Ava Furbee560
Markeloowned by: Brooke Cole388
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski338
Francescaowned by: Grace Lyons319
Amon De Diamanteowned by: Marshall Broadfoot261
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Blacck252
Copperdiniowned by: Harriet McDonald228
Most Of Allowned by: Four Tall Oaks194
Vinski TTowned by: Madelyn Jadick165
Just A Starowned by: Alessandra Beese130
Caillerowned by: Molly Roberts128
Jamesonowned by: Abbie Stepnoski127
Walking On Sunshineowned by: Courtney Acker114
Stella Lunaowned by: Shannon Huth104
Thoughtfulowned by: Anna Rhodes96
Lucianoowned by: Caroline Bradley96
Primorosoowned by: Isabella Di Benedetto85
Glass Of Guinnessowned by: Courtney Lefebvre64
Kiss Kissowned by: Sully Williams62
Attilaowned by: Donald Stewart48

Small Junior

Pick Sixowned by: Lekha Ramachandran1479
Sonomaowned by: Haley Barnes1397
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables1181
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli486
Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black162

Large Junior

Chazeauxowned by: Claire Parkinson1855
Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro1053
First Loveowned by: Katie Solomons992
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp694
Gigi Gorgeousowned by: Libby Bertelsen455
Applewoodowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem344
VDR Aragonowned by: Emily Grace Swinson340
Selectowned by: Emily Orrell243
Capicua Zowned by: Nolan Thompson198
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives168
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson140
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks81
Cupido Du Marais Zowned by: Adison Rice70
Vivantaowned by: Velu Anjali39

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith1932
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb1605
Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black1533
Gossip Girlowned by: Kate Triantos1372
Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski1308
Most Of Allowned by: Four Tall Oaks1287
Caipiraowned by: Tara Dow-Rein1250
First Classowned by: Katelyn North1248
LInusowned by: Sophie MItchell1043
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens1042
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives806
Life Storyowned by: Beverly Crest Farm570
Cinematicowned by: Emma Hicks370
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks332
Amon De Diamanteowned by: Marshall Broadfoot307
Jamesonowned by: Abbie Stepnoski283
Motownowned by: Caroline Maude Hedges260
Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer254
Caillerowned by: Annie Roberts245
Haute Coutureowned by: Sheridan Johnson226
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski215
Sonomaowned by: Haley Barnes195
LIghts Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli178
Bibiowned by: Franz Robinson164
D'Oroowned by: Madeline Van Tiem155
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson138
Carlsbergowned by: Marjorie Broadfoot127
Applewoodowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem123
Harbor Walkowned by: Eliabeth Paul113
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski109
Stedet's Leroyowned by: Web Farm Equestrian98
Limited Editionowned by: Sheridan Johnson98
Let It Goowned by: Katelyn North90
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole84
Fernhill Divergentowned by: Brooke Russell65
Argentumowned by: C. Blair Spencer65
Lifestyleowned by: Casey Baranowski13

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Zetterbergowned by: Townsend Farm1171
Capetownowned by: Coleman Murray1077
In Unisonowned by: Courtney Canizares858
Brookhavenowned by: Amelia Wright855
Bethel's Periowned by: Grace Howard766
Montblancowned by: Layne Woodward736
Corettoowned by: Jacinda Purrington562
Vegasowned by: Remy Deitelbaum481
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski467
Givenowned by: Sara Page Steffens454
Audaciousowned by: Jessica Keyser393
Egotripowned by: Elisa Goebel361
Cristallo 19owned by: Catherine Daniels284
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau284
Sirahowned by: Meredity Crawford277
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell276
LIttle Rockowned by: Hanna Greene274
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards262
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt194
So Be Itowned by: Ashley Hurteau175
Tulip Zowned by: Tate Welker171
Over The Topowned by: Lauren Lyerly165
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski155
How B'Czarowned by: Lauren Allen106
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller98
Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams92
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell87
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney86
Reigning Parfaitowned by: Peyton Carrington86
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe78
Providenceowned by: Catherine Pollard67
Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares58
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms30

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Del Pieroowned by: Meredith Huddle997
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz696
Touch Of Sunowned by: Stacie Winslow678
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat616
Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady573
Sirahowned by: Meredith Crawford348
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski180
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow116
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway95
Samaritanowned by: Jennifer Munday74
Nauticalowned by: Meredith Huddle61
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz53

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole2337
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds1006
As You Wishowned by: Vicki Autry990
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schlaeppi702
Stonehengeowned by: Mary Kristensen567
Allureowned by: Libby Gordon563
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle202
Out Of Vogueowned by: Karen Bruce160
Giftedowned by: Martha Dunnagan81

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith1869
Manhattanowned by: Holly King1600
One Requestowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz1502
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat822
Novel Towned by: Fairy Tale Farms821
Lover Boyowned by: Claudia Pollex727
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards451
Sirahowned by: Kimberly Shovelin440
Nauticalowned by: Meredith Huddle354
So Be Itowned by: Ashely Hurteau319
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels308
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway294
Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms263
Pemberleyowned by: Ashley King242
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney172
Adorationowned by: Caroline Kornegay93
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger65
Gratinaowned by: Lauren Wolfe52
Tide Walkerowned by: Elise Ledsinger43

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex1846
Gablestoneowned by: Diane Semer706
Chelloowned by: Kara Jones598
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell564
Dicaprioowned by: Paige Wilson311
Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms183
Nauticalowned by: Meredith Huddle128
Elbo VDLowned by: Angela Pollex65

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden1728
Chapeauowned by: Kathy Serio636
One Requestowned by: Liz Tarumianz344
Linusowned by: Kathy Serio316

Green Hunter 3 Foot

As You Wishowned by: Vicki Autry911
Victorowned by: Carelyn Monroe760
So Be Itowned by: Ashley Hurteau488
Givenowned by: Sarah Page Steffens462
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds422
Fuerst Hitowned by: Lauren Hill393
Bramble RHowned by: Frances Isenrich356
Portsmouthowned by: Catherine Daniels319
By Gollyowned by: Barbara Baker313
Copy Thatowned by: Merilee Ventura304
Sincerely Meowned by: Anne Chapman287
Sea Smokeowned by: Kristin Hair209
Vinski TTowned by: Madely Jadick175
Greytaowned by: Ashley Montaquila168
Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady158
L'Escuda ESowned by: Rebecca Ives129
Stonehengeowned by: Mary Kristensen126
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle121
Highland Parkowned by: Caroline Glidewell104
Giftedowned by: Martha Dunnagan79
Just A Starowned by: Alessandra Beese64
Walking On Sunshineowned by: Courtney Acker55
Copper Mountainowned by: Claire Peters36

Green Hunter 3 foot 3

Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens1227
First Classowned by: Katelyn North943
Gossip Girlowned by: Katie Triantos921
Greytaowned by: Ashley Montaquila694
Cristallo 19owned by: Catherine Daniels571
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds330
Sincerely Meowned by: Anne Carden Chapman214
Lifestyleowned by: Casey Baranowski124
So Be Itowned by: Ashley Hurteau112
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski98
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell84

Green Hunter 3 foot 6

Baron De Leyowned by: Tara Dow-Rein1653
One Requestowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz925
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives671
Colgateowned by: Cannon Thomas431
Vinski TYowned by: Madelyn Jadick336
Carlsbergowned by: Marjorie Broadfoot231
Gigi Gorgeousowned by: Libby Bertelsen225
Chazeauxowned by: Claire Parkinson91
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole89
First Loveowned by: Katie Solomons30

Green Hunter 3 foot 9

Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merritt1421
Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms309
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schleappi257

Green Conformation

Gusowned by: Chris Wynne1648
One Requestowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz700
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden, LLC371
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels291
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens164
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives78

High Performance Hunter

Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms853
Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farm678
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden, LLC631
Linusowned by: Kathy Serio107

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Corettoowned by: Jacinda Purrington740
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels431
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens425
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray300
Caipiraowned by: Tara Dow-Rein297
Ramoneowned by: Paige Jadick278
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat278
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger220
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau217
Novel Towned by: Fairy Tale Farms201
Amon De Diamanteowned by: Marshall Broadfoot190
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards189
Francescaowned by: Grace Lyons159
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole154
Donnerprinz Bowned by: Cathy Dow152
Pilotowned by: Tara Dow-Rein149
Life Storyowned by: Beverly Crest Farm, LLC142
Walk The Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt127
Copper Mountainowned by: Claire Peters123
Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black123
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith113
Alabamaowned by: Emma Hicks113
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables112
Capicu Zowned by: Nolan Thompson111
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway110
Colgateowned by: Robert Stucky105
Pemberlyowned by: Ashley King105
Lifestyleowned by: Casey Baranowski102
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schlaeppi102
Falidoowned by: Amelia Zahn97
Sincerely Meowned by: Anne Carden Chapman94
Let It Goowned by: Katelyn North93
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski81
Applewoodowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem77
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb77
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp75
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle74
One Requestowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz68
NIghtfallowned by: Jessie Space64
Happiness Isowned by: Keely Gray61
Cinematicowned by: Emma Hicks56
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables55
Carlsbergowned by: Majorie Broadfoot51
Caillerowned by: Molly Roberts47
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden45
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex31
Dicaproowned by: Paige Wilson31
Sirahowned by: Meredith Crawford30
Gigi Gorgeousowned by: Libby Bertelsen28
Cymphonyowned by: Hope King20
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith, LLC20

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat158667
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables570
Most Of Allowned by: Four Tall Oaks516
Let It Goowned by: Katelyn North488
Capicua Zowned by: Nolan Thompson380
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms204
Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merritt190
First Loveowned by: Katie Solomons168
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp158
Baron De Leyowned by: Tara Dow-Rein142
Chazeauxowned by: Claire Parkinson133
LIghts Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli80
I C Londonowned by: Martin Schlaeppi68
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger52
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith50
Carlsbergowned by: Marjorie Broadfoot36
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables27
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell24
Fernhill Divergentowned by: Brooke Russell18