A Show Hunter Points

Short Stirrup

Sense and Sensibilityowned by: Lauren Nichols92
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski26

Green Pony

Champagne Wishesowned by: Meghan Merritt129
Minionowned by: Abbeygale Hamilton86

Small Pony

Sir Lukasowned by: Ella Tarumianz214

Medium Pony

Hidden Springs Lucky Starowned by: Ella Tarumianz215
Swan Songowned by: Ella Tarumianz157
Donafur's Daydreamowned by: Lilly Kollstedt105
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers60

Large Pony

Silver Wrapperowned by: Patricia Heuckeroth159
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Alexa Mallarad133
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet91
Royal Flushowned by: Savannah Welch86
Just My Styleowned by: Alana Duffy83
Zoolanderowned by: Ashleigh Colantuoni79
Crocodile Rockowned by: Emma Plumb69
Celtic Creeks Orange Knickersowned by: Sophie Bray68

Childrens Pony

Thinking Out Loudowned by: Caroline Johnson154
Minionowned by: Abbeygale Hamilton79
Last Lookowned by: Avery Mallard75

Low Child

Gold-Masterowned by: Katelyn Havnaer165
Bellinzonaowned by: Frances Isenrich86
Notableowned by: Elizabeth Cram68

Low Adult

Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams105

Childrens 14 and Under

Childrens 15 to 17

Seamlessowned by: Andrea Guzinski193

Small Junior

Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black56

Large Junior

Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen246
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith144
Just Edowned by: Sally Ives85

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Latinoowned by: Emma Gurley245
Nuff Saidowned by: Briar Field Farm237
Ramoneowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters237
Camelot BFowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters205
Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade157
Spritelyowned by: Andrea Guzinski155
Cavalierowned by: Wesley Smith100
Heir Apparentowned by: Robin Greenwood99
Empressowned by: Wyette Felton96
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski85
Candidowned by: Wyette Felton82

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller177
Stilettoowned by: Caroline McDaniel132
Rhythm & Balousowned by: Hanna Greene58
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson54

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz200
London Callingowned by: Susannah Shearer180
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds158

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Heismanowned by: Michelle Caviness82
Victorowned by: Carelyn Monroe71

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Sea Smokeowned by: Kristian Hair158
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith75

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Chelloowned by: Kara Jones171

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

One Requestowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz185

Green Hunter 3 Foot

Rhythm & Balousowned by: Hanna Greene128

Green Hunter 3 foot 3

Stilettoowned by: Caroline McDaniel155
London Callingowned by: Susannah Shearer86

Green Hunter 3 foot 6

Empressowned by: Wyette Felton153
Camelot BFowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters144
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen88

Green Hunter 3 foot 9

Ramoneowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters125

Green Conformation

High Performance Hunter

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Candidowned by: Wyette Felton152
Spritelyowned by: Andrea Guzinski54
Cavalierowned by: Wesley Smith28
Sea Smokeowned by: Kristin Hair24

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black56