A Show Hunter Points

Short Stirrup

SF Ferivinkleowned by: Mary Rose Rachel88

Green Pony

Kingsmanowned by: Linen Owens197
No Boys Allowedowned by: Mary Catherine Ragsdale163
Way Too Charmingowned by: Finley Clement148
TCF Hillbilly Bobowned by: Ann Vaughters128
24 Karat Magicowned by: Alana Pardue123
Dorian Greyowned by: Lillian Cain80
Driftwoodowned by: Sarah Nelson74
Woodlands Valentineowned by: Kate Bland74
Starboundowned by: Abbeygale Hamilton71

Small Pony

Howie Do Itowned by: Finley Morgan310
Sir LUkasowned by: Ella Tarumianz241
Small Businessowned by: Finley Clement144
Wicklyns Princess Fionaowned by: Lucy Rabb79

Medium Pony

Bel Airowned by: Linen Owens169
Swan Songowned by: Ella Tarumianz157
TCF Hillbilly Bobowned by: Ann Vaughters145
Last Lookowned by: Andrea Guzinski135
Small Businessowned by: Finley Clement100
Home Run Boundowned by: Marion Gefaell97
Brighton Supposedlyowned by: Madelyn Dodge96
Bazingaowned by: Madison Hinde86
Kelviden Lone Starowned by: Campbell Dobson64
Dipped In Chocolateowned by: Cathy Cram36

Large Pony

Silver Wrapperowned by: Patricia Heuckeroth219
Way Too Charmingowned by: Finley Clement164
Daddy Did The Laundryowned by: Victoria Perry105
Rockawayowned by: Ella Tarumianz93
Champagne Wishesowned by: Megan Merritt71
Greymeadows Charlestonowned by: Ruth Exum57
Play It Loudowned by: Hannah Williams56

Childrens Pony

Glynmagic Sun Chaserowned by: Ivey Hair108
AlSchoponiowned by: Jenna Geis35

Low Child

Remingtonowned by: Charlotte Murphy161
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski102
Sashayowned by: Karen Bruce52

Low Adult

Riojaowned by: Lisa Baucom100

Childrens 14 and Under

Benchmarkowned by: Madeline Rubin344
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski191
Zeusowned by: Sophia Strahan166
Carriconowned by: Ava Mason152
Cando La Silla Zowned by: Kaylee Johnson108

Childrens 15 to 17

Cape Townowned by: Jessica Gaby172
Phaedraowned by: kathleen Gurley140
Closing Timeowned by: Elle Nutting90
Alpines 3.14owned by: Sarah Rabb56
Fantasticowned by: Amelia Turner52

Junior Hunter

Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski244
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen211
Souvenez-Vousowned by: Sally Ives167

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Seamlessowned by: Andrea Guzinski351
Eistlaowned by: Andrea Guzinski292
Nuff Saidowned by: Briar Field Farm, LLC244
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson190
Kentucky TerDoornowned by: Courtney Craver142
Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade128
times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms, LLC110
Camelot BFowned by: Jadick Hammer Hunters110
Watch Thisowned by: Jenna ODay87
Perpetua NHFowned by: Sarah Matejko79

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Attilaowned by: Charlotte Black227
Rhymth and Balousowned by: Hannah Greene121

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Origamiowned by: Ashley Hartman223
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds128
Sampsonowned by: Amy Nolan106

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle91

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Amateur Owner

Chelloowned by: Kara Jones336
One Requestowned by: Deer Creek Farm, LLC168

Green Hunter 3 Foot

Debutanteowned by: Townsend Farm, LLC91
Handsomeowned by: Haley Perry64

Green Hunter 3 foot 3

Benchmarkowned by: Madeline Rubin160
Perpetua NHFowned by: Sarah Matejko81

Green Hunter 3 Foot 6 to 3 Foot 9

Sea Smokeowned by: Kristin Hair210
Camelot BFowned by: Jadick Hammer Hunters151
Rhymth and Balousowned by: Hannah Greene120
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen83

Green Conformation

High Performance Hunter

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle168
Seamlessowned by: Andrea Guzinski83
Eistlaowned by: Andrea Guzinski41
Origamiowned by: Ashley Hartman33
Next Requestowned by: Deer Creek Farm, LLC32

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Times Squareowned by: Fairy Tale Farms, LLC47
Souvenez-Vousowned by: Sally Ives30