C Show Hunter Points

Beginner Crossrails

Daddy's Paycheckowned by: Mary Rose546
My Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Trademark Stables509
Spot Onowned by: Ivey Hair279
Belle Of The Ballowned by: Anniston Townley254
Kelvidan Wave Dancerowned by: Aanya Lunani198
Do You Believe In Magicowned by: Julie Kjellberg182
King Arthurowned by: Katy McAliley144
Heart Of Goldowned by: Henry McNair137
Society Girlowned by: Triton Stables132
Southern Exposureowned by: Sonya Kruger125
Club Mixowned by: Margaret Stell81
Schultzieowned by: Sarah Palmatier79
Bazingaowned by: Catherine Cram78
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah60
Captain Crunchowned by: Evangeline Demars55
Champion's Man Of The Hourowned by: Caroline Johnson50
Picturesque Wocket In My Pockeowned by: Baleigh Wade50
Sequoia Lane's Cajun Spiceowned by: Megan Ward34
Fortune 500owned by: Triton Stables31
Christy Cremeowned by: Emily Norman26
For Narniaowned by: Meherrin Stansell22

Short Stirrup

Bed Head Nedowned by: Marion Gefaell431
Just Jackowned by: Elizabeth Black400
Egotripowned by: Alexandra Richardson395
Society Girlowned by: Triton Stables385
Northwind Maradonaowned by: Jordyn Holcomb341
Maxwell Smartowned by: Lauren Hancock278
Farnley Byronowned by: Addison Ragsdale218
The Heartbreak Kidowned by: Sally Ives213
SF Perivinkleowned by: Erich Smith179
Paint A Pictureowned by: Samantha Neppl150
Square Dealowned by: Ashlyn Rives133
Ante Upowned by: Triton Stables131
Dippin Dotsowned by: Sophia Baranowski120
Inevitabilityowned by: Lauren Liles116
Ollie Oopowned by: Katherine Smith113
Top Hat N' Tailsowned by: Vera Britt106
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski87
Sweet Teaowned by: Colton Chester86
Victoriousowned by: Mia Rankin 84
Just My Styleowned by: Allison Townley54
Ella Enchantedowned by: Mollie Gaby38
Santingo Zowned by: Emma Autry33
Wicklyn's Princess Fionaowned by: Lucy Rabb29
Holly Go Lightlyowned by: Horse Show Leases13

Long Stirrup

Cajun Redowned by: Myra Durham724
Junior Mintowned by: Merilee Ventura497
Jamaica Bayowned by: Trademark Stables401
Noteworthy Editionowned by: Dogwood Equestrian279
Highland Ladowned by: Horse Show Leases245
Cashewowned by: Caleb Vanasse174
Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes155
Le Jurleeowned by: Sandra Alexandra Equine143
Jaws Revengeowned by: Anne Liles142
Brownie Pointsowned by: Ava Loverso117
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin63
Dance Stepsowned by: Triton Stables61
Ante Upowned by: Triton Stables27

Small/Medium Pony

Tin Manowned by: Colton Chester564
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade289
Donafur's Daydreamowned by: Lilly Kollstedt280
Diesel Does Itowned by: Paige Wolfe201
My Boyowned by: Campbell Clement92
Sorry Not Sorryowned by: Kolbie Watson51
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian46
Evans Constantineowned by: Kaylee Bailey23
Makloudowned by: Finley Clement22
Hot Wheelsowned by: Finley Clement21

Large Pony

Kiddin Aroundowned by: Tess Kjellberg676
Daddy Did The Laundryowned by: Victoria Perry587
24 Karat Magicowned by: Lani Pardue421
Greymeadows Charlestonowned by: Morgan Cook377
Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall293
Drumfield's Foxgloveowned by: Ava Harry195
Hot Maple Tottieowned by: Emma Rae Johnson188
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin109
Monkey Boyowned by: Hannah Collins92
Sa-Lyn's Rainy Day Bluesowned by: Megan Ward89
Rainbow Roadowned by: Hailey Bostic85
Silver Liningowned by: Elizabeth Self76
Sa-Lyn's Irish Flairowned by: Meghan Cochran73
Oak Island Beaconowned by: Carter Hewett69
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet52
Evan's Constantineowned by: Baily Kaylee49
Too Hot To Trotowned by: Makenzie Davis46
Norhtwind Maradonaowned by: Jordyn Holdomb32
Ever Afterowned by: Terah Lesko29


Cruiseowned by: Caroline Chichester418
Jersey Girlowned by: Sholl Burkhead418
Just A Dreamowned by: Courtney Craver354
Donner Louowned by: Rudd Sold305
HTS Bugattiowned by: McCall Massey265
Mad Eye Moodyowned by: Tess Kjellberg249
To Infinnity Adn Beyoneowned by: Taylor Bundy245
Yesterdayowned by: Kimberly Boutin212
Most Likelyowned by: Livia Loverso152
Cleverowned by: Margaret Stell150
Sparticusowned by: Elizabeth Ragsdale140
Better Late Than Neverowned by: Jordan Gigac124
Santingo Zowned by: suzannah McWilliam117
Sky Saratogaowned by: Riley Hunter73
Southern Airessowned by: Triton Stables73
Sensing Victoryowned by: Emily Atkinson69
Jamaica Bayowned by: Trademark Stables62
Valentine Avenueowned by: Caelyn Williamson59

Junior Amateur

Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady479
Vegasowned by: Arden Riddle366
Pacinoowned by: Emily Ann Wright361
Praiseworthyowned by: Caroline Hancock338
Over The Topowned by: Lauren Lyerly303
Wiz Khalifaowned by: Remington Linker277
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms245
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto180
Muranoowned by: Suzannah McWilliam169
HJ Honoredowned by: Kayla Amy146
As You Wishowned by: Vicki Autry120
Audaciousowned by: Sarah Nelson116
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson115
Heroowned by: Grace Norman97
Devlinowned by: Curren English46
Jasper Lakeowned by: Lindsay Woodall42
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat35
Herr Chicoowned by: Maria Hackney31

Adult Amateur

Better Than Everowned by: Kerry O'Donnell470
Piano Manowned by: Jennifer Bryant394
Smittenowned by: Anna Ceelen335
Risikoowned by: Sara Criss263
Exactlyowned by: Courtney Trulluck239
Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes195
Just A Starowned by: Alessandra Beese181
Four Quartetsowned by: Stacey Griffin157
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller149
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson143
Ovationowned by: Kelsey Craig110
Distanceowned by: Caroline Johnson94
Royetowned by: Catherine Woods68
Sea Smokeowned by: Lucy Rutter50
Capienowned by: Heather Conder50
Valentine Avenueowned by: Lauren Hedley29
Jamaica Bayowned by: Trademark Stables28
Rodgigo's Betinaowned by: Chatham Hall16

Low Child

Devlinowned by: Curren English325
This Is My Sportowned by: Katie Mac Wright315
Spencerowned by: Christy Conway-Chester284
Jimmy Chooowned by: Christy Conway-Chester253
Take Me To The Moonowned by: Sarah Norman194
Caritaowned by: Hadley Crawford171
Tully Mac's Welterweightowned by: Michaela Quinlan136
Zarrageousowned by: Mollie McWhorter113
Jordanowned by: Addison Miller106
Too Hot To Trotowned by: Makenzie Davis106
Mad Eye Moodyowned by: Julie Kjellberg101
Coriander FFowned by: Callahan McPherson89
Rascal Flattsowned by: Jamestown Equestrian71
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway-Chester59
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski53
Sea Smokeowned by: Lucy Rutter45
C. Reynolds Brownowned by: Townsend Farm28

Low Adult

Piano Manowned by: Trademark Stables311
Moulin Rougeowned by: Triton Stables253
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway-Chester189
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski187
Just Can't Get Enoughowned by: Andrea Guzinski173
Jetstreamowned by: Olivia Williams159
Huntsmenowned by: Jennifer Shaw109
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow70
Risikoowned by: Sara Criss58
Keep Me In Mindowned by: Stephanie Royal Weldon29
Victorowned by: Carolyn Monroe21