C Show Hunter Points

Beginner Crossrails

Cute As A Buttonowned by: Quinn Brazik660
Persnicketyowned by: Logan Smith611
Ghirardelliowned by: Natalie How449
Spriteowned by: Ashley Hodges355
Top Hat N Tailsowned by: Vera Britt339
Do You Believe In Magicowned by: Julie Kjellberg320
Tin Manowned by: Christy Conway-Chester305
Sequoia Lanes Cajun Spiceowned by: Megan Ward269
Society Girlowned by: Triton Stables219
Picturesque Wocketowned by: Bayleigh Wade198
The Heartbreak Kidowned by: Addison Overmann192
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian191
Dancing Shoesowned by: Triton Stables179
Valuableowned by: Isabella Strahan131
Lil Bit Of Spiceowned by: Hannah Mattis129
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah107
Sa Lyns Irish Flairowned by: Piper Couch90
Wildwynn X and Oowned by: Logan Reilly, LLC74
Apples Big Bangowned by: Triton Stables73
Belle Of The Ballowned by: Anniston Townley62
Noteworthy Editionowned by: Dogwood Equestrian38
Noteworthyowned by: Kirsten Hannah34
Ella Enchantedowned by: Lexie Williams32
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes32
Glenmore In A Songowned by: Mermaid Cove22

Short Stirrup

Anabellowned by: Pony Crazy1499
Mr. Opportunityowned by: Saunders Johsnon1187
Magic Trickowned by: Mae Taylor817
Wildwynn Jets Reignowned by: Irish Oaks815
Kelviden Wave Dancerowned by: Aanya Lunani750
Dashing Starowned by: Greer Critcher744
Daddys Paycheckowned by: Mary Rose705
Absolute Loganowned by: Kaitlyn Sackie633
Sense and Sensibilityowned by: Lauren Nichols485
Inevitabilityowned by: Samantha Neppl290
Toucan Tangoowned by: Brooklyn Belgado230
Club Mixowned by: Mallory Austin223
Belle Of The Ballowned by: Anniston Townley207
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Evangeline Demars195
My Sweet Dreamsowned by: Savannah Roberts186
My First Flowerowned by: Gay Bray147
Leonaowned by: Nora Isabella145
Heart Of Goldowned by: McNairs Country Acres139
Foxlair Arionowned by: Mary Ella Bullington123
Spotted Editionowned by: Allison Townley94
CRF Teddyowned by: Kirsten Hannah88
Just Jackowned by: Alexander Winslow75
Four Quartetsowned by: Addison Ansede69
Over The Royal Blue Skyowned by: Marcella McCarthy67
Kiddin Aroundowned by: Analina Marlowe60
Peppermintowned by: Emery Sheally44
Good Day Mateowned by: Anniston Townley28
Celtic Creek Early Riserowned by: Alice Norment27
Sa Lyns Pirateowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli24
Starstruckowned by: Triton Stables24
Persnicketyowned by: Logan Smith13

Long Stirrup

Donner Louowned by: Brooke Rudd-Gaglie1247
Oh Mr Wilsonowned by: Lisa Mooney984
Rascal Flattsowned by: Jamestown Equestrian793
Spencerowned by: Christy Conway Chester728
In Raptureowned by: Anne Liles508
Lucyowned by: Lynn Thompson473
Four Quartetsowned by: Addison Ansede349
Cassiusowned by: Emily Feher329
Most Of Allowned by: Bob Butler312
Jaws Revengeowned by: Anne Liles272
Fortuitous Discoveryowned by: Genevieve Stubbs264
Al Schoponiowned by: Jenna Geis259
Jetstreamowned by: Olivia Williams240
King Arthurowned by: Abigail Patton219
Magheeowned by: Cooper Chapman218
Ante Upowned by: Triton Stables215
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin159
Mariposaowned by: LeeAnn Weber155
Don't Askowned by: Roseann Rush134
Cajun Redowned by: Myra Durham120
Crusin Tuxowned by: Amanda Bostian97
Oyster 64owned by: Caroline Boone86
Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall82
Artistryowned by: Katie McKinney72
Stonehengeowned by: Krista Jones68
Catalinaowned by: Tia Sparks64
Flambeauowned by: Lily Griffin55
Noteworthyowned by: Trademark Stables7

Small/Medium Pony

Abby Dabby Dooowned by: Juliette Edwards Bishop799
Falling Moon Celebrationowned by: Addison Ragsdale634
JMR Ovationowned by: Airlie Conder460
Bazingaowned by: Madison Hinde293
Rubiks Cubeowned by: Anna Tyler206
Donafurs Daydreamowned by: Lilly Kollstedt201
Home Run Boundowned by: Karen Bruce158
Kelviden Lone Starowned by: Campbell Dobson133
Just Jackowned by: Alexander Winslow122
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers106
Dipped In Chocolateowned by: Cathy Cram93
Woodlands Summer Rainowned by: Sophia Barton70
Evan's Constantineowned by: Kaylee Bailey54
Cointisential Dreamsowned by: Mermaid Cove18
CRF Teddtowned by: CRF Equestrian11

Large Pony

Monkey Boyowned by: Hannah Collins663
Peridotowned by: Ellie Niven613
Too Cute to Shootowned by: Daisy Nichols563
Lakeview Laciowned by: Kaylee Baily555
NoBoys Allowedowned by: Mary Ragsdale516
Starlight On Rosesowned by: Kendle Schooler426
Play It Loudowned by: Hannah Williams331
24 Karat Magicowned by: Alana Pardue309
Top Notch Peek A Booowned by: Natalie Orlowski294
Blue Strutterowned by: Horse Show Leases279
Strawberry Wineowned by: Madison Mays276
Drumfields Foxgloveowned by: Sonya Kruger275
Silver Wrapperowned by: Patricia Heuckeroth250
Northwind Madonaowned by: Jordyn Holcomb201
Dashing Starowned by: Greer Critcher160
Fox Haven Merlotowned by: Peyton Parks147
Champions Man Of The Hourowned by: Caroline Johnson121
Mystic Melodyowned by: Taylor Dunthorn110
Dorian Greyowned by: Lillian Cain74
Hang Tenowned by: Phoebe Smith71
Ella Enchantedowned by: Lexie Williams50
Cajun Redowned by: Myra Durham47
Ivy League ISHowned by: Ella Collins47
Orionowned by: Madelyn Dodge29
FHF Surprise Meowned by: Pan Isabella27

Childrens Pony

Scooby Dooowned by: Ashlyn Rives742
Dolceowned by: Reagan Lisenby662
Rollingwoods Sticky Bunsowned by: Sarah Chapin461
Falling Moon Celebrationowned by: Addison Ragsdale345
SF Periwinkelowned by: Erich Smith210
JMR Ovationowned by: Airlie Corder190
Emersons Rainbeauowned by: Triton Stables151
Bedazzledowned by: Sarah Nelson106
Hang Tenowned by: Phoebe Smith99
Artistryowned by: Katie McKinney95
Champions Man Of The Hourowned by: Caroline Johnson86
Sa Lyns Rainy Day Bluesowned by: Megan Ward80
Spotted Editionowned by: Allison Townley77
Sorry Not Sorryowned by: Kolbie Watson29
Strawberry Wineowned by: Madison Mays27


Mer Soleilowned by: Kirsten Hannah1180
Devlinowned by: Curren English854
Jordanowned by: Addison Miller728
Cooley Daydreamowned by: Taylor Gilliland660
All The Chromeowned by: Rachel Smith455
El Capitanowned by: Makenzie Davis442
Ponseeowned by: Lily McLamb433
Kahluaowned by: Sydney Kimball369
Better Late Than Neverowned by: Jordan Gigac362
Huckleberry Finnowned by: Hannah Ford351
Coriander FFowned by: Callahan McPherson310
To Infinity And Beyondowned by: Taylor Bundy275
Emerald Coastowned by: Anna Durnford246
KT Tamaraowned by: Morgan York178
Zetterburgowned by: Jacinda Purrington165
Donner Louowned by: Emma Rae Johnson120
Hj Honoredowned by: Kayla Amy105
Handsomeowned by: Haley Perry104
Jamaica Bayowned by: Jennifer Bryant90
Alpine's Revolutionowned by: Joe Craver81
Remingtonowned by: Charlotte Murphy56
Popular Demandowned by: Ryleigh Reid45
Kentucky Ter Doornowned by: Courtney Craver32
Bon Vieowned by: Kate Barbour28
Mr Brightsideowned by: Triton Stables22
Coniahowned by: Caroline Chichester14

Junior Amateur

Page Turnerowned by: Savannah Roberts1023
Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady950
Heroowned by: Katie Gallagher912
Jersey Girlowned by: Sholl Burkhead903
Audaciousowned by: Sarah Nelson448
Skye Saratogaowned by: Hunter Riley424
Charlotte Towne's Chancesowned by: CharlotteTowne Stable311
Sparticusowned by: Elizabeth Ragsdale310
Coriander FFowned by: Callahan McPherson301
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen266
Jasper Lakeowned by: Lindsey Woodall263
Simpaticoowned by: Liza Hough172
Devotedowned by: Ellison Beaver160
Wiz Khalifaowned by: Remington Linker135
Belliniowned by: Vicki Autry132
Key Largoowned by: Isabella Byrd114
HJ Honoredowned by: Kayla Amy107
Over The Moonowned by: Laney Dettelbach106
Vintage Zowned by: McCall Massey90
Over The Topowned by: Lauren Lyerly78
Mer Soleilowned by: Kristen Hannah62
Concertinoowned by: Sarah Norman56
Gratinaowned by: Lauren Wolfe51
Dedicatedowned by: Emma Plumb41
Alpines Revolutionowned by: Joe Craver25
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller24
Alpines 3.14owned by: Horse Show Leases18

Adult Amateur

Snow In The Summerowned by: Lynn Thompson783
Valentine Avenueowned by: Lauren Hedley730
Diadeemowned by: Emily Atkinson502
A Piece Of My Artowned by: Jordan Holmes395
Keep Me In Mindowned by: Stephanie Weldon313
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller292
Page Turnerowned by: Savannah Roberts204
Reve Du Coeurowned by: Karen Barbour138
Rhythm & Balousowned by: Hanna Greene125
Lyons Creek Quo Vadisowned by: Horse Show Leases121
Redemptionowned by: Jessica Keyser113
Mio Argentoowned by: Maggie McDonald91
Guardienowned by: Kate Johnson81
Uniqueowned by: Abigail Rhea68
Tulip Zowned by: Tate Welker53
Highland Flingowned by: Helen Gillick53
Lacey RSHowned by: Kathryn Taylor52
Victorowned by: Carelyn Monroe40
Better Than Everowned by: Kerry ODonnell31
Moulin Rougeowned by: Shannon Phillips31
Cyberjetowned by: Andrea Irby18

Low Child

Jamaica Bayowned by: Jennifer Bryant1122
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway Chester805
Zarrageousowned by: Mollie McWhorter771
Heartthrobowned by: Sonya Kruger532
Jimmy Chooowned by: Christy Conway-Chester506
Russian Riverowned by: Phoebe Smith478
Sashayowned by: Elizabeth Powers372
Auspiciousowned by: Celia Cram369
Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Martin Schlaeppi281
Offsetowned by: Sally Bason215
Sparticusowned by: Elizabeth Ragsdale208
Cando La Silla Zowned by: Kaylee Johnson182
Alpines Jadeowned by: Haydn Hubbard157
Mad Eye Moodyowned by: Julie Kjellberg152
Redemptionowned by: Kate Johnson149
Starstruckowned by: Triton Stables144
Richteousowned by: Dinita McElearney108
Moulin Rougeowned by: Shannon Phillips99
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski89
Nothing But Blue Skyowned by: Olivia Del Pinai88
Celtic Creeks Early Riserowned by: Alice Norment87
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers55
Royal Courtowned by: Beth Taylor Smith55
Handsomeowned by: Haley Perry50
Skye Saratogaowned by: Riley Hunter48
Take Me To The Moonowned by: Sarah Norman46
Cajun Redowned by: Myra Durham39
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski35
Finntasticowned by: Alexa Kislowski27
Gold Medal Ribbonowned by: Laura Norment23
Holy Mackerelowned by: Tess Kjellberg18
Oakley RGSowned by: Sally Bason16
Cyber Jetowned by: Andrea Irby16
Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall15
Incrediblueowned by: Catherine Daniels12

Low Adult

Audaciousowned by: Tara Miller1200
Summer Catchowned by: Maura Whited915
Cleobeliaowned by: Whitney Ward766
Houliganowned by: Lori Crozier665
Jimmy Chooowned by: Christy ConwayChester421
Royal Courtowned by: Elizabeth Smith272
Kasteel Mowned by: Cooper Chapman220
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller100
Huntsmanowned by: Jennifer Shaw86
Jetstreamowned by: Olivia Williams65
Moulin Rougeowned by: Shannon Phillips65
Hang Tenowned by: Phoebe Smith58
Unconventionalowned by: Catherine Pollard55
Piano Manowned by: Trademark Stables53
Cajun Redowned by: Myra Durham39
Sea Smokeowned by: Lucy Rutter29
Soltaire 67owned by: Logan Edens20