C Show Hunter Points

Beginner Crossrails

SF Perivinkleowned by: Ava Smith632
Dare To Dreamowned by: Jaylee Amy325
Do You Believe In Magicowned by: Julie Kjelberg204
Schultzieowned by: Sarah Palmatier176
Island Boyowned by: Anabelle Waldron171
Arch Rivalowned by: Triton Stables155
Dancing Shoesowned by: Triton Stables151
Sir Everettowned by: Triton Stables87
Sa-Lyn's Rainy Day Bluesowned by: Megan Ward68
Apple's Big Bangowned by: Triton Stables65
Farnley Pilgrimowned by: Kim Cummings39
Maxwell Smartowned by: Lauren Hancock35

Short Stirrup

Daddy's Paycheckowned by: Isabella Nelson635
Southern Exposureowned by: Sonya Kruger534
Sweet Teaowned by: Colton Chester368
Paint A Pictureowned by: Skyler Dunn353
Sequolia Lane's Cajun Spiceowned by: Megan Ward340
My Boy Blueowned by: Riley Legleiter124
Before Dawnowned by: Kaylee Johnson85
Short And Sweetowned by: Julia Hornung80
Cute AS A Buttonowned by: Martha Trask78
Highland Ladowned by: Asha Jayamohan75
Sir Maxwell Smartowned by: Sydney Pifer58

Long Stirrup

Valuableowned by: Isabella Strahan352
Moulin Rougeowned by: Shannon Phillip321
Spencerowned by: Christy Conway-Chester308
Society Girlowned by: Triton Stables285
Mer Soleilowned by: Trademark Stables267
Juliannaowned by: Lisa Matteson238
Noteworthy Editionowned by: Dogwood Equestrian219
Solutionsowned by: Sarah Romine184
Jamaica Bayowned by: Trademark Stables168
Santingo Zowned by: Suzannah McWilliam133
Lucyowned by: Grace Ricci130
Ante Upowned by: Triton Stables123
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin115
Mercuryowned by: Katie Hendrickson102
Coccinellaowned by: Isabella Strahan81
Junior Mintowned by: Merilee Ventura73
Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams49
Caught In A Flashowned by: Joey Horn39
24 Karat Magicowned by: Alana Pardue38
Nickolasowned by: Emily Hassink23

Small/Medium Pony

Tiny Dancerowned by: Madison Hinde261
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian219
Champagne & Pearlsowned by: Isabella Bray181
Pitch Perfectowned by: Owens Linen168
Glenhaven Cantonowned by: Anabelle Waldron166
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah127
My First Flowerowned by: Isabella Bray51

Large Pony

Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall501
Free N Easyowned by: Amara Dandrow436
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin338
Sa-Lyn's Rainy Day Bluesowned by: Megan Ward230
Kiddin' Aroundowned by: Triton Stables220
24 Karat Magicowned by: Lai Pardue220
Sa-Lyn's Irish Flairowned by: Meghan Cochran163
Glamorousowned by: Laurie Ann Occhipinti128
Pradaowned by: Sarah Rabb110
Club Mixowned by: Margaret Stell86
Orion's Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West70
Magic Carpet Rideowned by: Paige Van Geison69
Blue Octoberowned by: Gabrielle Glendening62
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet56
Northwind Maradonnaowned by: Jordyn Holcomb55
Carnivalowned by: Laren Rabb34
Champlain On Broadwayowned by: Patricia Benitez30


Huckleberry Finnowned by: Hannah Ford595
Mer Soleilowned by: Kirsten Hannah441
Jasper Lakeowned by: Lindsay Woodall335
Kahluaowned by: Sydney Kimball323
Walking On Sunshineowned by: Courtney Acker304
Fins Upowned by: Abigail Thoma299
Shotgun Riderowned by: Linsday McAulay260
Jamaica Bayowned by: Trademark Stables234
Heroowned by: Grace Norman197
Santingo Zowned by: Suzannah McWilliam177
Rio'sRed Roseowned by: Elizabeth Ragsdale172
Mr. Brightsideowned by: Sophie Kenny156
Callidoraowned by: Emma Gurley154
Francescaowned by: Grace Lyons139
Thoughtfulowned by: Anna Rhodes133
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz129
After The Goldowned by: Sophie Poirier127
Solsburyowned by: Avery Matthews123
Better Late Than Neverowned by: Gigac Jordan123
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway-Chester84
Captivating Detailowned by: Riley Barnes46
Double Featureowned by: Elie Griggs28
Tate's Landingowned by: Caelyn Williamson27
Truthfullyowned by: Ashley Gasiorowski25
Rhondavousowned by: Lynn Baharami9

Junior Amateur

Audaciousowned by: Sarah Nelson685
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat268
Life Storyowned by: Beverly Crest Farm, LLC200
HJ Honoredowned by: Kayla Amy185
Nevadaowned by: Olivia Skertich168
Lucky Guessowned by: Issy Reidman122
Clementineowned by: Andrea Guzinski82
Iron I Stellerowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson70
Solutionsowned by: Sarah Romine69
Santingo Zowned by: Suzannah McWilliam36
Wiz Khalfiaowned by: Remington Linker13

Adult Amateur

Valentine Avenueowned by: Lauren Hedley582
Kiplingerowned by: Sarah Watson377
Mer Solielowned by: Trademark Stables316
Better Than Everowned by: Kerry O'Donnell296
Inevitabilityowned by: Lauren Liles279
Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams277
Enchantingowned by: Kelsey Pike222
Over The Topowned by: Lauren Lyerly215
Phaedraowned by: Kathleen Gurley213
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder161
Hasaniowned by: Alexandra Jackson154
Rodrigo's Bettinaowned by: Lynn Baharami144
Out Of Vogueowned by: Karen Brucd140
Southern Heiressowned by: Triton Stables105
Charlottetowne's Chances Areowned by: Bailey Lewin101
Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes84
London Callingowned by: Susannah Shearer82
Providenceowned by: Catherine Pollard54
Audaciousowned by: Sarah Nelson50

Low Child

Just A Dreamowned by: Courtney Craver330
Falidoowned by: Amelia Zahn270
Decafeowned by: Lisa Dye257
Evenowned by: Madelyn Jadick241
Tenaciousowned by: Lisa Dye226
Savannah Belleowned by: Margan Lieske155
Farnley Pilgrimowned by: Caroline Chichester122
Picassoowned by: Julie Kjellberg117
Mer Soleilowned by: Trademark Stables115
Sweet Escapeowned by: Avery Johnson113
Imagine Thatowned by: Triton Stables105
Yesterdayowned by: Kimberly Boutin82
Southern Airessowned by: Triton Stables81
God's Allianceowned by: Haydn Hubbard71
Better Late Than Neverowned by: Jordan Gigac62
Fins Upowned by: Abigail Thoma55
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz49
Quote Me Laterowned by: Triton Stables49
Mariposaowned by: Callahan McPherson44
Reminiscentowned by: Trademark Stables44
Maxwell Smartowned by: Lauren Hancock43
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller41
Casanovaowned by: Stella Thigpen38
This Is My Sportowned by: Katie Mac Wright29

Low Adult

Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes381
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller201
Keep Me In Mindowned by: Stephanie Weldon150
Sophie's Treatowned by: Darby Roberts144
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski121
Speculationowned by: Sara Criss97
Good Timesowned by: MacNairs Country Acres63
Tenaciousowned by: Lisa Dye61
Cyber Jetowned by: Andrea Irby52
Look My Wayowned by: Sandra Savage51
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler34
The Great Gatsbyowned by: Jacquelyn Cole30
The KidNext Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin18