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New for 2017:

At NCHJA C Shows only:

 The Junior Amateur Owner Division has been renamed to the Junior Amateur Hunter Division.  At C shows only, Amateurs do not have to own the horse to compete in this division.

Specifications for Long Stirrup and Beginner Crossrails which are now NCHJA rated divisions:

BEGINNER CROSSRAILS (formerly Young Entry):

Open to beginner riders of any age in their first or second year of showing over fences. Riders may not cross enter into any walk-trot or beginner walk-trot-canter divisions, or any divisions where the fences exceed 18″ at that show. The division may be split 12 and under and 13 and over if  entries warrant, but year end points will not be separated.  Course to consist of 8 jumps set as cross rails with flower boxes not to exceed 18″.


Open to riders 13 years of age or older on a horse or pony. Riders may not cross enter into any other division at the show where fences exceed 2’. Course to consist of 8 jumps set at 2’ with no oxers or combinations.