C Show Hunter Points

Beginner Crossrails

Sequoia Lanes Cajun Spiceowned by: Isabel Phillips812
The Heartbreak Kidowned by: Megan Ward610
With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade469
Wildwynn Jets Reignowned by: Karen Bruce403
Le Jurleeowned by: Sandra Alexandra Equine402
Zac Brownowned by: Lauren Williams339
Heartthrobowned by: Sonya Kruger285
Valuableowned by: Isabella Strahan280
Sweet Teaowned by: Christy Conway Chester201
Lonewood Gold Rushowned by: Margaret Whitham193
Over The Royal Blue Skyowned by: Marcella McCarthy174
Made In Americaowned by: Peyton Myers89
Mad Eye Moodyowned by: Julie Kjellberg67
Do You Believe In Magicowned by: Julie Kjellberg64
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian62
Apple's Big Bangowned by: Triton Stables33
Artistryowned by: Michelle Campbell33
Arch Rivalowned by: Triton Stables30
Major Effectowned by: Emily Norman28
Sa Lynns Rainy Day Bluesowned by: Megan Ward22

Short Stirrup

Over The Royal Blue Skyowned by: Marcella McCarthy1050
Peppermintowned by: Emery Sheally732
Cute As A Buttonowned by: Quinn Brazik669
Glenmore In A Songowned by: Mermaid Cove630
Sense and Sensibilityowned by: Lauren Taylor Nichols614
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin561
Daddys Paycheckowned by: Evangeline DeMars515
Inevitabilityowned by: Maya John438
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes292
Alwayz In Styleowned by: Rachel Winslow256
Gingerbread Manowned by: Christy Conway-Chester244
Kiddin Aroundowned by: Shannon Wallace215
Spencerowned by: Christy Conway Chester81
Toucan Tangoowned by: Brooklyn Delgato70
Watch Thisowned by: Jenna ODay57
Sequoia Lanes Cajun Spiceowned by: Isabel Phillips51
Bust A Moveowned by: Brooklyn Delgato41
Ivy Leagueowned by: Brooklyn Delgado37
C Est La Vieowned by: Sarah Amash27

Long Stirrup

Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway-Chester1170
Isn't She Somethingowned by: Mallory Smith806
Spencerowned by: Christy Conway-Chester643
Rascal Flattsowned by: Jamestown Equestrian581
Quote Me Laterowned by: Triton Stables359
Herewegoowned by: Jennifer Bryant336
Jaws Revengeowned by: Anne Liles Photography312
Stretch Limoowned by: Kaylee Baily290
Just A Starowned by: Nadia Pasquarette222
Duly Notedowned by: Elizabeth Wike217
Hakuna Matataowned by: Liza Martin181
Gingerbread Manowned by: Christy Conway-Chester173
Jimmy Chooowned by: Christy Conway-Chester138
Oh Mr. Wilsonowned by: Lisa Mooney135
Let's Achieve Thisowned by: Amanda Bostian89
Millennium Divaowned by: Oakwood Farm85
Societys Little Missowned by: Madelyn Harris75
Capesideowned by: Anna Rhodes41
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrain36
Zac Brownowned by: Lauren Williams26
Pleasant Surpriseowned by: Emily Kalvacev18
Oyster 64owned by: Lily Griffin16

Small/Medium Pony

Kelviden Lone Starowned by: Campbell Dodson1020
Kelviden Wave Dancerowned by: Aanya Lunani916
Dolceowned by: Reagan Lisenby529
JMR Ovationowned by: Airlie Corder475
Falling Moon Celebrationowned by: Addison Ragsdale383
Scooby Dooowned by: Ashlyn Rives258

Large Pony

Champions Man Of The Hourowned by: Casey Arriaga915
Orchard Hills Finest Hourowned by: Katie McKinney693
Whisper 2 Meowned by: Airlie Corder689
Dashing Starowned by: Greer Critcher503
Top Notch Peek A Booowned by: Natalie Orlowski375
Stanmore's Best Yetowned by: Ella Nichols335
Hot Maple Toddieowned by: Carter Hewitt317
Celtic Creeks Early Riserowned by: Logan Reilly316
Play It Loudowned by: Hannah Williams271
Starlight On Rosesowned by: Kendle Schooler226
Patent Pendingowned by: Lauren Nichols225
Etch A Sketchowned by: GC Ponies120
Mapleside Midasowned by: Andrea Guzinski77
Greymeadows Charlestonowned by: Ruth Exum53
Mr. Opportunityowned by: Saunders Johnson25

Childrens Pony

Brownie Pointsowned by: Taylor Noble457
Leonaowned by: Nora Isabelle351
Rouletteowned by: Daisy Nichols349
Greymeadows Luck Be A Ladyowned by: Reagan Lisenby213
Sa Lyns Irish Flairowned by: Piper Crouch203
Hang Tenowned by: Phoebe Smith187
Happily Evan Afterowned by: Antonia Hall185
Mr. Opportunityowned by: Saunders Johnson168
Drumfeilds Foxgloveowned by: Sonya Kruger120
Abby Dabby Dooowned by: Kolbie Watson115
Emersons Rainbeauowned by: Annaliese Wahlstrom50
Hidden Springs Happily Even Afowned by: Taryn Garrett43
Greymeadows Amazing Dayowned by: Ava Smith33
Rhythm and Bluesowned by: Madlyn Schooley26


Phaedraowned by: Kathleen Gurley845
Answer Me Thisowned by: Christy Conway Chester540
El Capitanowned by: Makenzie Davis511
Heir Apparentowned by: Robin Greenwood457
Kashtanowned by: Zoey Horn437
Whitlockowned by: Curren English399
Marcoowned by: Tess Kjellberg385
Balvaneraowned by: Lydia Wentink323
Starstruckowned by: Shep Welles299
Concertinoowned by: Sarah Norman295
Winterfellowned by: Merilee Ventura261
Hello Otto Sowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters193
Offsetowned by: Sally Bason172
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller169
Zarrageousowned by: Mollie McWhorter130
Leap Of Faithowned by: Claiborne Dunlap86
Crimson and Cloverowned by: Anderson Day72
Kiplingerowned by: Sadie Owens30
Holy Mackerelowned by: Tess Kjellberg24

Junior Amateur

Heroowned by: Grace Norman914
Better Late Than Neverowned by: Jordan Gigac833
Skywalkerowned by: Sara Steady688
Page Turnerowned by: Savannah Roberts651
Albeitowned by: Makani Peele304
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms211
Fantasticowned by: Amelia Turner191
Carmachoowned by: Stella Thigpen188
Casanovaowned by: Savannah Hutto177
Jakondoowned by: Katherine Boumenot148
Offsetowned by: Sally Bason142
Perpetua NHFowned by: Sarah Matejko133
Gratinaowned by: Lauren Wolfe110
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson106
Audaciousowned by: Caroline Hancock79
Monogramowned by: Ada Catherine Hayes64
Lullabiesowned by: Rachael Wood59
Camelot BFowned by: Hammer Jadick Hunters50
Bon Vieowned by: Kate Barbour49

Adult Amateur

Silence Is Goldenowned by: Britnee Stevens634
Snow In Summerowned by: Lynn Thompson456
Lacy RSHowned by: Kathryn Taylor434
Houliganowned by: Lori Crozier410
Mr. Zowned by: Patty Heuckeroth402
Marcoowned by: Layna Ott296
Verbatim HMowned by: Whitney Brunner250
Cleobaliaowned by: Whitney Ward210
Keep Me In Mindowned by: Stephanie Weldon185
Zarrageousowned by: Mollie McWhorter182
Charlottetownes Chances Areowned by: Charlottetowne Stable173
Mer Soleilowned by: Kirsten Hannah166
Highland Flingowned by: Helen Gillick165
All The Chromeowned by: Rachel Smith154
Mr. Bigowned by: Beth Smith141
HJ Honoredowned by: Kayla Amy116
Lullabiesowned by: Rachel Wood111
kashtanowned by: Zoey Horn99
Kiss My Blue Assetowned by: Emily Trapp85
Stellar Timeowned by: Lori Crozier56
Diadeemowned by: Emily Atkinson33
Albeitowned by: Makani Peele29

Low Child

Quite Quidamowned by: Sarah Chapin680
Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Martin Schlaeppi527
Holy Mackerelowned by: Tess Kjellberg330
Russian Riverowned by: Phoebe Smith220
Bon Vieowned by: Kate Barbour202
Sparticusowned by: Mary Katherine Ragsdale192
Isn't She Somethingowned by: Mallory Smith191
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski174
Four Quartetsowned by: Addison Ansede161
Falidoowned by: Anna Meredith137
Rouletteowned by: Daisy Nichols135
I Dazzleowned by: Alyssa Aarop123
Domingaowned by: Alana Duffy94
Starlightowned by: Meherrin Stansell88
Bohemian Rhapsodyowned by: Pollyanna Cunningham84
Strictly Businessowned by: Madelyn Vicencio66
Dolce Vitaowned by: Stephanie Miller57
Marcoowned by: Tess Kjellberg57
The Duchessowned by: Lauren Pudwill43
El Capitanowned by: Makenzie Davis31
Rosilitas Secret Affairowned by: Skyler Dunn30
Take Me To The Moonowned by: Anderson Day26
SLF Leopoldowned by: Asha Jayamohan26
Starstruckowned by: Triton Stables24
owned by: 15

Low Adult

Donner Louowned by: Brooke Rudd1142
Moulin Rougeowned by: Shannon Phillips1006
Herewegoowned by: Jennifer Bryant547
This Is My Sportowned by: Katie Mac Wright363
Daisyowned by: Madison Rigney223
Stellar Timeowned by: Lori Crozier183
Cleobaliaowned by: Whitney Ward178
In Raptureowned by: Anne Liles144
Mr Zowned by: Patty Heuckeroth135
Mr. Bigowned by: Beth Smith131
Windsorowned by: Hunter Bratton99
SkyeSaratogaowned by: Hunter Riley85
Pleasant Dreamsowned by: Beth Smith84
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway-Chester27
Regellosowned by: Samantha Crosier19
All The Chromeowned by: Rachel Smith16