• The 2023 NCHJA Show Year started on December 1, 2022 and ends November 30, 2023.
  • Remember to renew your membership. This must be done annualy! Join Online by going to www.nchja.com homepage, click on the MEMBERS tab, then click the JOIN drop down and follow the prompts. Both the Horse and Rider must be current NCHJA members to receive Year End Points.
  • Record Any New Horse. Horse recordings are for Life. The owner on the NCHJA Horse Recording must match the owner on the submitted show results in order for points to count. You can record your horse online at www.nchja.com homepage under the MEMBERS/JOIN tab.

Congratulations to the 2023 NCHJA Special Awards Recipeints

"A" Circuit Best Junior Rider on a Pony - Emerson Euler

"A" Circuit Best Junior Rider on a Horse - Stella Thigpen

"C" Circuit Best Junior Rider on a Pony - Haily Nixon

"C" Circuit Best Junior Rider on a Horse - Owen Wisenbaker

Patricia May Memorial Horsewoman of the Year - Laura Norment

John Dailey Perpetual Horseman of the Year - Sam Meadows

Jim Breedlove Sportsmanship Award - Claudia Smith

Best Horse Show Parent - Julie Kjellberg

2023 Board of Directors

President - Bob Savagei, Vice President - Cathy Dow, 2nd Vice President - Cathy Schlaeppi, Treasurer - Cyndi Peterson, Secretary - Ginny Rigsbee, Executive Secretary - Kim Hoft

Danielle Ackley, Hunter Bratton, Catherine Daniels, Tami Jones, Holly King, Sam Meadows, Justin McLeod, Any Nolan, Steven Pelzer, Merilee Ventura, Megan Ward

Isabelle Bray - Junior Representative