• NCHJA Year End Points End November 30, 2020. Please direct any point discrepancies to info@nchja.com by December 13, 2020. After December 13th all points will stand.
  • Remember to Renew your NCHJA Membership for 2021. NCHJA Year End Awards qualifying period runs from December 1, 2020 until November 30, 2021.
  • Remember to Record New Horses or Change of Ownership. To receive NCHJA Year End Points all horses must be recorded with NCHJA and Owner must be a current NCHJA member.
  • NCHJA Show Sanctioning Applications must be submitted to info@nchja.com 60 days prior to show date

Congratulations to Our 2020 NCHJA "C" Medal Finals Winners

NCHJA Adult Medal - Jane Whited

NCHJA Children's Medal - Kirsten Hannah

NCHJA Pony Medal - Hannah Collins

A $500 Grant will be given annually to the winner of the NCHJA "C" Adult, Children's and Pony Medal Finals Winner. This grant may be used towards equestrian improvement, academic advancement or a combination of both. The winners must submit their request for the funds to be transferred in writing within six (6) months of their win. All Checks will be made to the equestrian program or academic institution. No check will be made to the winner or any member of the family.

Congratulations to Our 2020 Norah Morris Scholarship Recipients

Libby Bertelsen and Kirsten Hannah

The Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship Endowment, established in memory of Norah Morris and funded by the NCHJA, will award two scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to individuals who has participated in equestrian activities, entering college or continuing college education.
As an affiliate of the USEF/USHJA, the North Carolina Hunter Jumper Association (NCHJA) is dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of horses and participants.

USEF/USHJA has centralized the requirements and recommendations for competitions from public health experts that will be in effect at USEF/USHJA competitions, and NCHJA has adapted them herein to apply to ā€œCā€ shows.
NCHJA C Show COVID Guidelines

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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2020 Board of Directors

President - Cathy Schlaeppi, Vice President - Bob Savage, 2nd Vice President - Cathy Dow, Treasurer - Cyndi Peterson, Secretary - Ginny Rigsbee, Executive Secretary - Kim Hoft

Vicki Autry, AnneMarie Bosley, Gay Bray, Jenn Clauss, Devney Hoft Darge, Tami Jones, Shirley Murphy, Sarah Nelson, Laura Norment, Sara Steady, Alexandra Vernon

Sophie Bray - Junior Representative