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Nora Morris Memorial Scholarship

The NCHJA is proud to announce the 2016 recipients of the Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship fund, managed by the North Carolina Community Foundation, was established by the NCHJA in 2006 to honor Norah and her family's commitments to equestrian activities and higher education. Remembering Norah Morris, we thank and congratulate all 17 of our 2016 Norah Morris Scholarship applicants — all deserving young people!! We are proud to award the 2016 Norah Morris Scholarships to Katie Fritz and Emily Callicutt.

Kathleen 'Katie' Fritz of Waxhaw, NC is the recipient of the $1000 Norah Morris Scholarship. Katie has show extensively as a NCHJA member and has competed in the NCHJA Children's Medal Finals and the EJ Haun Finals. Katie and is on her way to Baylor, with a major in Pre-Health & Medical Studies, where she will ride on the Baylor NCAA Equestrian Team. In Katie's words, "Horses will always be a part of my life. They say that if you can create your passion into a career, you will never work a day in your life. I hope that is the case with me."

Emily Callicutt of Biscoe, NC is the recipient of the $500 Norah Morris Scholarship. Emily has been involved extensively with horses, showing with her Equestrian Team and 4-H Club and 'not afraid to get her hands dirty'. Emily is on her way to NC State University, with a major in Biology & Veterinarian Studies. In Emily's words, "Horses have become such an instrumental part of my life that I feel, without them, I would not be the person I am today. Horses have helped me build confidence and responsibility as well as a strong work ethic."

Congratulations to Katie Fritz and Emily Callicutt!!

Joan Petty
Norah Morris Scholarship Endowment

Message from the NCHJA

The 34th NCHJA Annual Horse Show was another great success thanks to the countless hours of work by our many volunteers and excellent show management team. We enjoyed cooler than normal mornings complete with a complete rainbow over the show grounds on Saturday morning. The jumps were beautiful and accented good courses. We were treated to a Sunrise Breakfast each morning and other delicious meals and wonderful parties put on by the army of hospitality volunteers including a special Welcome Luncheon, the Shelton Vineyard Soiree with its fantastic menu, a special Kid's Night Out during the Soiree, a Derby dinner and then a Medals Mixer held during the Medal Finals. The Medal Finalists were also treated to a luncheon celebration that included the highly anticipated drawing for their order of go. The show culminated on Sunday with Pony Morning complete again this year with the Bubbly Champagne Brunch followed by an early afternoon finish in all rings.

The NCHJA is a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory organization run by volunteers for the benefit of our members and our sport. We could not function or run such a great show without the support of so many. Thanks to these volunteers and the many loyal trainers and competitors who have supported us over the years. Special mention should go to our Show Chairs Cyndi Peterson and Gay Bray for their tireless work (they have committed to chair again next year!), to Olivia Williams and her crew of hard working Juniors (the future of our sport) and as always to Jane Abernethy who insures that we have great ribbons, coolers and trophies each year and has for over 30 years.

Congratulations 2016 Medal Final Winners

Bryan Jones

  • Courtney Canizares
  • Hunter Kay
  • Erin Dombroski
  • Brenda Terry
  • Sara Steady
  • Angela Pollex
  • Carson Powell
  • Caroline McDaniel


  • Sophia Mitchell
  • Emma Hicks
  • Jenna Nelson
  • Isabella Cheers
  • Leigh Ashby
  • Keely Gray
  • Mary Hunter Millet
  • Morgan Cook

EJ Haun

  • Rawleigh Harris
  • Darby Cole
  • Wynne Weatherly
  • Haley Redifer
  • Isabelle Song
  • Caroline Weaver
  • Emily Pribula
  • Mackenzie Ashe


  • Taylor Ellis
  • McKenzie Tuttle
  • Amelia Zahn
  • Emma Nichols
  • Mary Margaret Overby
  • Caroline Bradley
  • Mary Helen Earp
  • Peyton Carrington

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