Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the NCHJA at our 2017 Annual Show!

Congratulations to the 2017 Medal Finals winners!

EJ Haun Memorial Medal Final

1st Fallyn Bellcastro
2nd Jessica West
3rd Hope King
4th Isabelle Song
5th Kendall Edwards
6th Remy Deitelbaum
7th Maya Stolle
8th Haley Barnes

Bryan Jones Memorial Adult medal

1st Caroline Faith Kornegay
2nd Kailey Johnson
3rd Emory Barnes
4th Erin Dombrowski
5th Liza Thompson
6th Caroline Johnson
7th Brianne Burkhardt
8th Kirsten Poag

The USHJA National Hunter Derby was won by Central Park owned by Lee Cesery and ridden by Jason Berry.

The UHSJA Pony Derby was won by Champlain Sovereign owned by Amanda Stuber and ridden by Lekha Ramachandran.

NCHJA Children’s Medal

1st Madison Matthews
2nd Greta Kroeger
3rd Adison Rice
4th Sarah Page Steffens
5th Celia Cram
6th Emily Grace Swinson
7th Haley Rogers
8th Madelyn Van Tiem

NCHJA Pony Medal Finals

1st Alexandra Ryden
2nd Jenna Nelson
3rd Parker Peacock
4th Morgan Cook
5th Hadley Crawford
6th Cate Hernandez
7th Mary Hunter Millet
8th Grayson Hutchens
2017 Norah Morris Memorial Scholarships
Presentation ~ July 1, 2017

The NCHJA is pleased to award college scholarships to two deserving young people. The Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship was established in 2006, by the North Carolina Hunter Jumper Association, in memory of Norah Morris. The scholarship fund, managed by the North Carolina Community Foundation, was established to honor Norah and the Morris family’s commitment to equestrian activities and to higher education.

Remembering Norah Morris, we thank and congratulate all 14 of our 2017 Norah Morris Scholarship applicants - all deserving young people!!

Congratulation to our 2017 Norah Morris Memorial Scholarships recipients!! Both young ladies have maintained excellent academic records while being involved extensively in equestrian activities and the community.

Olivia Williams
We are proud to award the $1000 Norah Morris Scholarship to Olivia Williams of Cary, NC, a graduate of Green Hope High School with a 4.63 GPA. Olivia has shown extensively as a NCHJA member and has served on the NCHJA Board as the Junior Board Member. Olivia is on her way to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a major in Environmental Science.

Tia Sparks
We are proud to award the $500 Norah Morris Scholarship to Tia Sparks of Hickory, NC, a graduate of the NC School of Science and Mathematics with a 5.138 GPA. The barn has been Tia’s second home. She plans to continue to ride in college and major in Mathematics and Art History.