Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship

The North Carolina Community Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Norah Morris Scholarship Fund. The Fund was established in 2006 in memory of Norah Morris by the North Carolina Hunter and Jumper Association to honor Norah and the Morris family's commitment to the NCHJA and to higher education. Norah tragically lost her life in a traffic accident in May 2005 while attending an NCHJA sanctioned horse show. She was the youngest of three daughters of Art and Cynthia Morris. Her older sisters, Meghan and Therice were active members in the NCHJA and the family was regularly seen at ringside providing support.
Criteria for applying for this scholarship are:
  • Applicants should be pursuing an undergraduate degree. This degree is not necessarily a horse studies or horse related degree.
  • Application for this scholarship is not limited to incoming freshmen.
  • Recipients of the Norah Morris Scholarship are encouraged to participate in IHSA program or to continue to horse show independently in USEF/NCHJA shows to stay actively involved in the sport.
  • The Norah Morris Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding candidate who has demonstrated an ability to successfully balance academic goals with equestrian activities and community involvement.
  • Applicants/recipients are invited to apply or reapply on an annual basis.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of recommendation from their trainer, coach or other non family member who is familiar with their horse related activities.
The Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship Endowment, established in memory of Norah Morris and funded by the NCHJA, will award two $1,000 scholarships in 2019. The $1000 scholarships will be awarded to individuals who has participated in equestrian activities, entering college or continuing college education. The Scholarship application is due May 25, 2019, and is available online on the Scholarship Directory at

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2019 Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship

The NCHJA is pleased to award college scholarships to two deserving young people. The Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship was established in 2006, by the North Carolina Hunter Jumper Association, in memory of Norah Morris. The scholarship fund, managed by the North Carolina Community Foundation,was estabished to honor Norah and the Morris family's commitments to higher education, equestrain activities and community service. The NCHJA is proud to offer two $1000 Norah Morris Scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. Congratulation to our 2019 Norah Morris Memorial Scholarships recipients. Both young ladies have maintained excellent academic records while being involved extensively in equestrian actiities and in the community

Olivia Skertich - We are proud to award a $1000 Norah Morris Scholarship to Olivia Skertich of Jamestown, NC, a graduate of Ragsdale High School with a 4.4 GPA and extensive community service. Olivia fell in love with horses as a little girls and has shown at NCHJA shows and competed in the NCHJA Medal Finals, with Ann Marie Bosley as her coach. Olivia is on her way to UNC Chapel Hill, where she will study biology and Animal Science, with her goal of continuing in Veterinarian Medicine. In Olivia's words, "I have realized through my love of horses that I want to be able to help creatures that cannot verbalize their needs. The opportunity to share, learn and work with professors and other students will put me one step closer to my goal of Veterinary School." Kaitlyn Grace Forrest - We are proud to award a $1000 Norah Morris Scholarship to Katie Forrest, a graduate of Millbrook Hight School with a 4.1 GPS. Katie has been involved with horses all of her life, spent many hours at Dead Brooke Farm, and has made community service a part of her life. Katie is on her way to NC State University where she will study Animal Science as her first step toward Vet School. In Katie's words, my Dad always told me "Find a career you truly love and you will never work a day in your life". I believe that I have found a passion for the career of Veterinary Medicine that will certainly prove such wise words to be true."

Joan Petty
Norah Morris Scholarship Endowment

NCHJA Equine Scholarship Endowment

The endowment was established in 1999 to provide scholarships for students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University. Preference shall be given to a student from North Carolina pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine, specifically focused on equine medicine.

NCHJA Medal Finals Grants

A $1000 Grant will be given annually to the winner of the E.J. Haun Memorial Medal Finals, the NCHJA Children's Medal Finals, the NCHJA Pony Medal Finals and the Bryan Jones Medal Finals. A $500 Grant will be given annually to the winner of the NCHJA "C" Adult, Children's and Pony Medal Finals Winner. This grant may be used towards equestrian improvement, academic advancement or a combination of both. The winners must submit their request for the funds to be transferred in writing within six (6) months of their win. All Checks will be made to the equestrian program or academic institution. No check will be made to the winner or any member of the family.

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2019 NCHJA Medal Finals Grant Recipients:

Madelyn Van Tiem - E.J. Haun Memorial Medal Finals

Stella Thigpen - NCHJA Children's Medal Finals

Kate Mills - NCHJA Pony Medal Finals

MacKenzie Ashe - Bryan Jones Medal Finals